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Australian Sailor Robbed At Gunpoint by Pirates In Bali

Tadeusz Nowicki was sailing in his yacht near Bali when 10 armed pirates boarded the yacht and robbed everything. Following items were stolen like passport, Radio, Food, Fuel and even steering wheel was taken off by the pirates. And was left to die, without food and water. Tadeusz was able to activate emergency positioning indicating radio beacon, which informed the IMO, information was sent to the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

Pirates Attacked
Credits: Daily Mail

3 days later, after search and rescue operation conducted by the local coast guard, yacht owner was found drifting in the boat near Tanjung Manjangan, coast of Kuala Telada, South Sumartra. Incident took place on 22nd May and the boat man was lucky that his emergency position was picked up, and a search operation was established. He wishes to return soon to his homeland. At the time of incident sailor was alone in the boat, when 10 pirates boarded the boat and stole everything.

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