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First Time In History: LNG Bunkering West Coast of USA

It will be first in history that LNG bunkering will take place on the west coast of United States. Two ships of PASHA HAWAII will be given 78 million gallons of LNG. George III and Janet Marie two new ships in the fleet of PASHA HAWAII, with a top speed of 23 knots and capacity of 2,525 teu, they will be requiring around 2500 cubic meter of LNG for fuel. Both ships are expected to be delivered at the end of this year and will be trading between mainland and Hawaii.

They have two LNG fuel tanks at the aft part, with 1200+ cubic meter capacity each. Clean Energy Fuel Corporation has an agreement with World Fuel Services to supply bunker to these ships. Both Vessels belong to OHANA CLASS.

• Length: 236 meters (774.3 ft.)
• Beam: 35 meters (114.8 ft.)
• Draft: 10.8 meters (35.4 ft.)
• Speed: 23.0 knots
• Deadweight: 43,500 metric tons
• 2,525 laden TEUs
• Main Engine: Dual-fueled MAN B&W 7S80ME-C9.5-GI
• Aux Engines: 3 MAN B&W 6L35/44 dual-fueled generating sets
• Built at Keppel AmFELS in Brownsville, Texas

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