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Story: A starry night on bridge of a Ship

After a week of joining ship was able to see clear sky after crossing Gibraltor. Till then, it was always cloudy.

As the night darkened, went on bridge to experience the stars…and I was spellbound for few seconds didn’t move from my place and just saw the sky without blinking my eyes. The sky was dark and with full stars…like a milky way…..very shiny starts….very small dim stars…..most shining star….everything. Tried clicking pics but cameras fail to capture these moments.

Down only dark colour due to water…up only stars. Seems the sky and water are mixing at the horizon.
Sailor Queen 1, bridgeMust have watched for hours together and then came back to cabin waiting for next night. As soon as it darkened, again on bridge, he had duty today so on rounds. As soon as saw outside, was welcomed by the shooting star….and I shouted….look a shooting star…the people on bridge thought m crazy…so m I. We don’t get to see these things on land; thanks to tall skyscrapers and pollution. We have events for star gazing, where you travel outskirts of city and pay to see stars and here it was all free….Can see for time I want. Amazing feeling….

Identified the Great Bear constellation which was seen only in books….don’t feel like going down….just gaze and make memories for life…..

No worries will come again tomorrow

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