Kite Pulls Ship Across Atlantic
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When Giant Kite Pulled Ship Across Atlantic

As a project, world’s first commercial ship that is being pulled by a kite sailed across the Atlantic. Name of the vessel is MV Beluga SkySails and sailed from Germany to Venezuela in maiden trip. The project was launched in the year 2008. The idea is that a big computer controlled Kite will fly 200m above the ship. The pull generated by the Kite is said to reduce the fuel consumption by 20% to 30%. This in turn will reduce the carbon emission from the ship and also the cost incurred for buying fuel.Kite Pulls Ship Across AtlanticA special aero foil shape kite is attached in front of them ship and the direction of it is controlled with the help of control rods which are again controlled by the computer assisted direction setter. This helps in aligning the kite in the direction of with wind and gets the maximum output from it. Due to lift, the rolling of the ship is reduced to a greater extent. Rope used for this system is made of high strength carbon fiber and thus, it can withstand a high pull.
The control ropes for the kite are computer controlled.
MV Beluga is a small container ship, but this green ship technology is showing results to the world. If by any means we can cut off our carbon emissions around the globe, then why not use that technology for that. Solar and Wind energy is at the abundance at sea.
Kite Pulls Ship Across Atlantic

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