Filipino Crew Member Dies Sea News

Filipino Crew Member Committed Suicide On Cruise Ship

Filipino nationality crew member on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady cruise ship committed suicide. US Coast reported the reason to be self harm (suicide) as per the investigation. The 32 year old seafarer was found to be dead in his cabin. He was working in the hotel staff on the cruise ship.  Further details have not been disclosed by the authorities. Ship is in Miami for last 3 months now as it was not able to sail due to corona epidemic. Crew has been not able to go home for quite long now. They have been complaining about lack efforts in their repatriation. They are stuck on the ship for last 75 days. Such scenarios are putting stress on the people and cases of suicide have come up all over the cruise industry. Recently one of the crew members on a famous cruise line jumped of the ship and committed suicide. With whole world stuck in lockdown, seafarers are stranded all over the world.
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