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US Navy Jet Intercepted by Russian Su-35 Jets near Libya

As per the official news published by the U.S 6th Fleet, two Russian Su-35 Jets Intercepted U.S. Navy P-8A Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft. This event took place on 26th May, where Russian aircraft flew side by side for around 65 minutes, hampering the safety and flying ability of the Patrol Aircraft in the international waters. 65 minutes long interception took place near Libya.
Clearly Russia is trying to increase or mark their military presence in the African Continent as well said by the Navy Commander of Africa Fleet. Same things were seen during Syrian crisis. As seen in the video, the jets are pretty close to US aircrafts even though in open sky. As per the commander, there have been similar incidents in the past month also. This is clear violations of international laws on their part.

Image and video credits to US Navy.

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