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centrifugal purifier
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Marine Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

Learn about marine centrifugal purifiers working, theory related to their working and about the new ALCAP principal that is used nowadays. Purifiers are one of the most essential machinery on board. Being high precision equipment, it becomes very important to be well versed with the principles of operations. Purifiers are often attributed to cause sleepless […]

Seafarer Traditions
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Seafarer Traditions, Rituals and Superstitions- You Must Know

Know about the seafarer traditions, rituals and superstitions. Being responsible for more than 90 % of the world trade and being one of the oldest professions, Everyone shall agree we have seen some serious *insert profanity* J Seafarers have been at the mercy of Nature and more often than not people have relied on superstitions to justify such […]

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Engine Room Fire Fighting: Explained With A Case Study

Fire is one of the most dreaded accidents on board. Engine Room Fires more so, because of the difficulty in actual Engine Room Fire Fighting exercises and also the presence of hazardous flammable vapors that always pose a risk to make the accident even more life threatening. During training programs, we all have discussed at length and often come […]

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Marine Sewage Treatment Plants, Regulations and Working

Get to know about the marine sewage treatment plants working, types and regulations concerning the discharging of sewage in to the sea. The important details regarding this topic have been covered in detailed manner. Regulations Regarding Sewage Discharge In to the Sea Discharge of Sewage is governed by MARPOL Annex IV, stating that discharge of comminuted and disinfected sewage using a […]

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Types of Drills On board Merchant Vessels-Complete Details

Get to know about Drills On board Merchant Vessels like Abandon Ship, Fire Drills, Man Overboard Drill, Oil / Chemical Spills, Enclosed Space Entry, Flooding, Collision, Grounding Drills, Blackout Training, Emergency Steering Drill. A Drill is an exercise performed on board (or during training ashore) which may be supervised by a competent authority or personnel. Mostly Such exercises are specialized […]