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Crew with Fever Symptoms on Maersk Ship Evacuated

As per the latest news which is coming from the shipping industry, one seaman with fever symptoms was medevac from Maersk Container Ship– Lexa Maersk. On 8th of May Ship called for port Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands and anchored outside. The ill crew member was then taken to hospital. There is probable action of doing quarantine to the ill seaman. Ship is still anchored outside the port.
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In the month of march, on one ship of Maersk, there were several positive cases of corona virus. Shipping industry is being severely hit by the corona outbreak with no crew change possible and affected trade between different countries. As per a official statistic issued by the ICS, around 150000 seafarers needs a crew change by May 15. With lockdown all over the world, companies all over the world are finding it quite difficult for signing off the seafarers. While some countries like India, have allowed crew change for their nationals in home ports.

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