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Sailing With My Sailor In Corona Times- My Story

This article is neither about sailors nor their work ,it’s all about sailor’s queen (wives of sailors). From the day one when we get to know that we can sail with our sailor we started assuming several things. Even people around us has many queries. Now, finally when we are on-board with him ,so everyone has some fixed set of questions like, “don’t you get bore” ,”what do you do all day there” “You must be missing land” and many more like these. But how to explain them that how can I get bore or feel stucked when I am with love of my life with whom I promised to live where ever he goes in any situation (if I am not wrong many of you must have faced it) . Everyone even say that ” it’s good to be on ship you don’t have any work to do”, “you must be chilling all time right?” ,”You are having a quality time with him” . How to explain them that we are not on any vacation or holiday ,he has end number of duties and work to do. But if you are a person who also loves having some “me time” then this can be a perfect place for you too like me. You can see beautiful sunrises ,sunsets different ports and places, different types of oceans(yes, they are different) & most satisfying your partner working and workplace. Have you ever witnessed rain in ocean it’s magical to see. So there are several things to do and we don’t get bore.
Everyone always talk about how lucky we are ,no work to do but no one ever think or talk about the time when I cannot sail with him after sometime. There are many reasons for it be it my pregnancy ,no family carriage ship ,any urgency in family. It will tear me apart watching him going for so long time but cannot stop him. He has to go far from us for us only. No one ever talk about the time when I will wait for him, I will wait for his phone calls . The time when I have to live without him. While imagining only I I am feeling pain, several queens are going through it daily.
I am not writing this article for disheartening anyone. But just wanted to say
Without your support no sailor can work with full dedication.
You all are great and brave women. You all are taking care of family that’s why they are taking care of country.
Proud wife a sailor.

I am Ayushi Arora wife of Chief officer Ankit Kapoor. Right now I am onboard sailing with sailor ,in this gloomy times we are here taking lots of precautions to keep us safe . Proud wife of a sailor. I always wanted to sail with my sailor. A big salute to all mariners & Seafarers from my side who are working on the frontline in this hard time.

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