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CMA Ships and Terminal Featured in new JAMES BOND movie

CMA CGM which is the third largest carrier in the world was featured in upcoming James Bond movie ‘NO TIME TO DIE’. The 25th number movie in the James Bond name is due to release this year in October. Two container ships of CMA CGM namely Fort Saint Georges and Fort de France were used in this shoot. The shot took place at transshipment terminal in Jamaica. It is interesting to note that there were some crew members also as the shot needed them as well.

CMA CGM let the facilities to be used in return of good publicity as JAMES BOND movies have a quite high viewership. It will be interesting to see as how the shot will come out when movie releases next month. As per the news, some of the highest management people in CMA CGM were involved handling this shot to provide for the required infrastructure.

image courtesy: CMA CGM and EON PRODUCTIONS

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