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How Life changed After Sailing with My Sailor: Tells Vinita

They always say that sailor life is a challenge and it’s not at all easy being his wife. The time apart, lack of communication, wondering where he might be at this time, not able to take care of him when it’s your duty are just the few of its cons. But a queen knows how to turn these cons into pros and enjoy life at its best. Let’s quickly read my story.

The Beginning Of New Life-With My Sailor

My story revolves around the same fact and it began when I decided to get married to a sailor. Since none of my family background is from merchant navy  (Sailor) so it was a new concept for them as to what is it and how am I going to survive this separation. This was the risk I was willing to take to avoid the ordinary life of any other office goer. Despite of all the doubts, I married in 2013 and it truly changed my life, my personality, my horizons and my ventures. Marrying a sailor made me a Queen from my Daddy’s little Princess who used to take counted steps and now she is roaming all around the World.


My first sail was very special as it was my first time that I was away from my family and friends for such a long time. I had only my sailor by my side and he had only me. Once on-board I realized that this place is so different from home. There is a limited space in terms of a cabin that you get fixed with just the bare minimum necessities of life but it opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities to be experienced if you are willing to.  The ship has no cable television on-board (which many girls might miss), no home cooked food, no luxury of market place anytime but it has the most important thing that you need for yourself: Time!!!

How My Time Went Away

My sailing experience started with continuous 15 days sail trans pacific during which for the first time I really saw the real untouched beauty of nature: the vast ocean changing colors with every ray of sun, sometimes so calm and sometimes so windy and wavy, the sunrises and the sunsets in ocean which are to die for, formation of different type of clouds, sea fauna, dolphins, whales flying fishes, looking and spotting them via binoculars.

Sailor. onboard fun

My other activities on bridge involved asking my husband hell lot of questions as to what is what, taking interest in what he is continuously doing on bridge roaming here and there, sometimes playing the role of his assistance and handling him stuff and shutting off watch alarms, captain coming up on bridge teaching how to take control of ship’s wheel and in return telling endless stories about his sails and his adventures, having coffees together, tuning in to music with headphones or studying novels sitting outside in natural air condition.

sailor basketball team

Apart from all this stuff the ship is a huge collection of experiences. How can 23 people who have no relation whatsoever sit every day at the same table and can talk, laugh and enjoy just like a big family, watching movies together in the day room while emptying the slop chest of chocolate, chips, popcorns and coke, enjoying the sun and the lovely temperature of water in swimming pool, playing basketball on board, going gym together, playing bingo at barbecues.

These might sound as a very few things to do but to us sailors these small things make big differences.Baking cakes for the whole crew or sometimes cooking Indian food for everyone as they all miss home; clicking photos of everything, searching video libraries for unseen movies, looking up at the stars and wondering how many are they and naming all constellations are some of my personal favorite leisure time activities.

Port View

The first port we entered was Auckland, New Zealand which was the best gift the ship could ever have given to me as it aroused my inquisitiveness more to see the World. Forcing my husband to finish his job soon, we went out on shore leave and I saw why it is a big deal to keep foot on ground after you have sailed for about 15 days. The land seemed amazing and fresh. Since that time I have enjoyed numerous port stays, touched several country in almost every continent, crossed Panama and Suez Canal, crossed Equator (certified as a shell back), crossed the date line, skipped an entire day and also enjoyed a day twice.


The people on-board start becoming your other big family from different parts of the world. I am still friends with many people I met on board spread across the globe and the best part is that all you shared with them are some of the best memories of your life.  I have celebrated my birthdays, my anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s Eve with all these strangers and still whenever I think of it, it just brings a smile on my face. The shore leaves around Xmas and New Year are a treat for the eyes as I saw the decorations with my own eyes what we always saw on television back home.

Final Words…..


With time I realized that sailing is my passion and that’s why may be God brought us together as we share the same interests. I witnessed my husband’s promotion and my promotion from a small room to a bigger room. I feel so proud when he is tired onboard and I can be there to relax him, ask him how was his day or when at work he skip his meals I can make sure that he eats later on, laundering the clothes so that he can get some extra rest. Sailing brought us more closer to each other as we realized that we are each other’s best halves. Making the sacrifice of my job and luxuries of home was the best decision I made as it made me close to what I really wanted. It is my honour to be a part of such life and I am really happy and proud to be a Queen and I wish for us that may this journey continues and every sail are just as special the first one.
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This story is of Dr Vinita, who is a proud Queen of a Merchant Navy Officer. She hails from the most colorful and vibrant country in the world- India. She is a Doctor by profession. In the mean time she enjoys reading and writing. Hope you enjoyed reading her story. She would definitely love to answer all your doubts and queries, so comment below.
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81 Replies to “How Life changed After Sailing with My Sailor: Tells Vinita

  1. Wonderful piece of writing…what you wrote is what my son always tells me when he is back …it seems the whole picture i saw like a film..
    Which company is he working for and what ship..
    Best wishes to both of you..god bless

    1. Hello

      My husband works for one of the major shipping companies and right now we are sailing near colombo.
      Thanks for ur appreciation and lovely comments..

      1. Nice to hear such real experience from sailer’s wife like u. I’m also a seafarer, unfortunately didn’t get opportunity to call her on board as her busyness but now planning to sail together.

    2. Is not a talking to ur sailor for more than a month, common? Is it ok if no sattelite call has landed and no text.

      1. Can you please gimme your email id DR. Vinita..i want to ask some queries related to merchant navy..actually i am.planning to get marry with a sailor..but i have some doubt about this profession…

  2. There is so much innocence in this writing. I liked the way you found your passion of sailing and enjoying it.

      1. Hello madam. I am interested to know the ways one can get into merchant navy. Where and how do I find a nice entry?

  3. Hey vinita… excillently described…. seems very beautiful experience it was for u… wish u get more beautiful experiences in future. ☺
    M also a MN wife, just married a year ago so still not got chance of sailing with my hubby. But after reading ur story is craving me of sailing as soon as possible thanks for sharing ur story…

  4. Hi Vinita,
    This blog was really very nice, how beautifully you wrote your experiences. I also sailed with my sailor last year and somehow I also had such lovely lifetime experience. We are different thts why we are the Queens planning to sail again next year. Wish you calm seas and happy sailing would like to know about all other your sailing experiences too . Keep writing

  5. Wow drvinita….very simple yet impetus…..
    Nicely explained journey……keep writing and sharing ur experience…..gud luck…

  6. Feeling proud. My sweet little princess accommodate herself very well in the next phase of life as Queen in the heart of a marine.

  7. Nice expression of your journey Vinita.. Time n nature brings us closer to our ownself n spouse.. So kp enjoying n writing!!

  8. Loved reading ur story. somewhere i could connect myself as right now my husband is saiing n m waiting for him to call me onboard. i got some idea from u as this is going to b my first sailing.
    Thank u so much for sharing ur experience coz this is really helpful.
    – Nikita

  9. wow, its such an inspiration for many. beautifully narrated ,worth to read your journey of your life with your it. wishing you a beautiful life always and enjoy as much as you can, your writing changes minds of many people . Thanks a lot for sharing your experience to us. Good luck !!!

    1. Hey rahul yes there are already many girls… and i hope u too find the right one. Thanks for the support!!

  10. Lovely write up Vinita. You should write more about your experiences. Your good ones and the bad ones. It makes us live this journey through your eyes. This is one part of the world that not much people know. It would be wonderful to know more.

  11. While reading your story i realised that dreams do come true. The way you said that since you and your husband share the same passion you were destined to meet. Incredible journey. Keep writing. Good luck.. 🙂

  12. Beautifully written Dr Vinita.. All the Queens who read this will definitely connect with you.. I just want to ask you that girls or their families still think twice before marrying a Sailor. What would you like to say about that? Or If given a chance would you like to write something about this topic?

    1. Thanks mohit…. will definitely write bout it if i get the chance. Thank u for ur appreciation.

  13. Hi there and congrats for your touching story. I am always happy to meet a woman who lives the same exciting life as I do, who shares the same love for the sea and for her seafarer’s husband. I wish you a long life doing the things you love best together with your other half and have a safe voyage ahead!
    My name is Oana and you can read my story about life at sea here, on marinersgalaxy.

    1. Hello Oana
      Yes i saw ur article and ur the one who influenced me to connect with this site. So thank u for that and i can now feel that every girl that has been on sailing can correlate to some beautiful common experiences and memories shared. Thank u for all the love and support.

  14. Really very nice writing…love reading …I am also sailors wife & sailed with my hubby & baby for 4 times….I am Dr by profession too…I left my job carrier to sail with my hubby so that I styay with him…hw many times u sail with husband…??
    Keep writing & share ur experience….

    1. Hello shivani
      Thank u for the lovely compliment. And i travel with him the first chance that i get…
      Share ur experiences too and keep.makinf memories.

  15. Wonderful vinni!! Very nicely written. Keep sharing your experiences and stay blessed always. Sure it isn’t easy at all to leave all the comforts behind, but you chose to be there with your man and sail with him. So proud of you.. Good luck for your writing

  16. Wow vinita! Superbly written i really liked the way u described ur experience.
    Keep writing n good luck for ur new experiences

  17. Hi vinita ,it’s really nice to read out your life jounry. Your words touched my heart. I m also salior wife .I am newly weeding couple and it’s really difficult stage for me. I was HR ,now I totally free I resigned my job for him, I wanna to talk to you. I we touched my number , ya face book. .

  18. It is quite an honest piece of writing and the passion that you both share reflects through it. Enjoyed reading the little tidbits that gave it a beautiful personal touch. Keep writing, keep sailing. May you two have many happy sails ahead!

  19. Hello mam
    U did not mention the rank of ur husband that’s why I m using mam for u ..coz I m also in same profession …know very well the ethics of sea. I think u can be mentor for seafarers wife those who feels problems socially. Ur writing and vocabulary is also good. U used proper word of the Marine life. For a sailors wife it is very hard to survive but u make it proof can be easy if u think calmly and naturally..
    At last thanks for sharing exp
    Keep writing and motivating to seafarers and their families..

    1. Thank u somit and im glad that i can be of any help to any queen out there. Thanks for ur kind words.

  20. Hey, i m olso about 2 sail wid my hubby, but u cn nt get prlr der??? Ryt???? Nd i need dat olmost after every 15days… Wat 2 do???

  21. Thank you Dr. Vinita for doing this. I hope many more queens of other sailors too follow your footsteps and tell the world what you few special ladies have got what other could never ever have it with them.
    Aarthik Kanal.

  22. hie…m so glad that u found a way to ur dreams…these r my dreams too and m hoping if u can help me…m also in relation wd a mariner guy bt my parents are against our togetherness as according to them there is no point in living 3 months together n 3 months apart from my guy…like u i cannot leave my job due to some reasons…even sumtyms m afraid that will i be able to manage wdout him during his sail…m trying bt they r nt agreeing.. plz help what should i do…n hw u ppl will manage when ur family will be extended cz that tym u wont be sailing so often…

    1. Hi
      Thanks for the comment first. I would suggest that you first make up ur mind as to what u plan for.. if u want to do a job then if u stay apart ur job can keep u busy and u can take leaves to go with him once. If u agree that u can live without him not just coz of love but for other reasons too then make them understand on that part. Parents are right at their place as having a relation and living at ur own place when he is gone is way different from when he is gone and u stay at ur in laws… think about it.. of u still agree with every situation and ur strong headed go for it.

  23. Very well written vini…….proud of you …. wrote from your heart …was actually living your experiences through this piece of writing …..its good you are realizing your dream … it to the fullest …..wish you many many more such beautiful and experiences …….stay blessed ……:) 🙂

  24. Dear Vinita ji,
    While going through some shipping websites, I came across your beautiful article, well me and my wife also sailed togather from 2007 till 2013 coz afterwards sailing with family became bit difficult due to stupid visa regulations and piracy infested areas. Moreover as you grow older health issues also crop up, so I would suggest make best use of your time and enjoy as much as you can……….Pta nahi kal ho na ho………..
    best wishes and happy sailing (ofcouse calm seas)


  25. Hey vinita, this piece is simply amazing.. I could relate to each and everything you have written.. just had my first sail with my sailor too.. And it was an amazing experience.. :).. May you have many more sails, keep enjoying & keep writing :)..

  26. Hi vinaya… share ur exp here and may u get many many more sailings and beautiful experiences!!!

  27. Hi vinita..i am also a sailor’s queen.have sailed with him thrice.we gt married in 2010 ..have a baby now who will turn 2 next month.i have been waitng for him to turn 2 so dat i cn join my hubby onboard..i just love sailing .n nw i wanna try dis experience of sailing wth a lil bby.i loved the way u expressed..i could relate to ur words..

    1. Hello Nazma

      Congratulations on your baby though I am very late. I am sure you will have a good time on board with the baby and he will also get to see what his papa does for a living. Do read my other article in which I have mentioned on how to prepare yourself for sailing with a kid. Hope it helps you.


  28. Beautifully written . .. I can feel it. While reading I’m missing my sailing time. .I sailed thrice with my sailor. ..

    1. Hello Deep

      Wish you many many more sails with you sailor. Thank you for your lovely words.


  29. Nice but, Just sailing together doesn’t makes you a real queen..!! Living apart and full-filling all the responsibilities at house and making it a home when he’s sailing.. that’s when your real strength is known..!! Distance teaches and makes you what you really are..!! When you are together you can survive anything but real patience is seen when you are apart.

    1. Hello Neha

      Thank you for taking out time and reading my article. In my perspective a sailor wife is a queen with him or without him. Life is full of hardships and sacrifices even onboard when you are with him. Yes sometimes its a choice and sometimes its a responsibility that you have to stay back and wait for him. My life has been a mixture of both and thankfully we sailed through it and are together now without someone’s permission every 3 months. Everyone has seen different phases of life and everyone has her own journey which makes her a real queen. Wish you a happy life with your sailor.


  30. Your decision and experience is so inspirational for women all around the world…!!! #keeploving #keepexploring

    1. Hello Dr. Neeru

      I am happy that you enjoyed my journey through my writings. Thank you for the blessings.


  31. As a Seafarer reading these well descriptive journey onboard. I am greatful that you share these experiences thus break off critics.

    Looking forward to see more of your work. Well done.

  32. Hello Sid

    Thank you for your kind words. I have lived a completely different life with my sailor and I am glad to be called a half sailor now.


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