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Chairman of A Shipping Company Dies Of COVID-19

In a recent development regarding COVID-19 and its effects on the shipping industry, chairman of famous shipping company EXMAR dies of COVID-19. Exmar is a major shipping company which mainly deals in shipping LPG and other energy related products all over the world. This is indeed very sad news.

Shipping company EXMAR Chairman Dies of Covid-19

Chairman of the Exmar Shipping Company died on 4th April after battling with the deadly corona virus. To further continue the operations, the deputy CEO of the company-Francis Mottrie, Deputy CEO of the EXMAR Group, is appointed as CEO.

EXMAR have a strong fleet of ships which carries, LPG, LNG etc all over the globe.

As the world battles against the deadly virus, countless lives are being lost every day. This is affecting the mankind at a great scale. Marinersgalaxy request all you to be cautious regarding sanitization and also staying away from contacting any person.

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