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1000 Sailors Tested Positive for Corona

In a recent development regarding corona spread, more than 1000 sailors on navy ship have been tested positive of corona virus or covid-19. This is recent development happening at sea.

1000 Sailors Tested Positive for Corona

Charles de Gaulle, the French Carrier, have reported that around 1000 sailors on it have tested positive of corona virus. This was confirmed by the French defense minister Florence Parly. France is among the worst affected countries due to the corona virus.

Ship was involved in the exercises with NATO forces in the North Sea. After few cases were reported, the exercise was cancelled and the it was decided to bring the ship back to home. Ship returned to shore for disembarkation of the crew members and also sanitization of the ship. Earlier similar cases have been seen in the war ships of United States As well.

Corona has infected and killed many people all around the globe. While the whole world is in lockdown, the situation is still not under control.

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