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Questions Asked in the Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd Interview

In this post I have given the questions that were asked by the Synergy Maritime Pvt Ltd interview during cadets hiring process. I will publish answers to these questions shortly and will post similar interview experiences of other companies also.  It will definitely going to help all the cadets who are appearing for the Shipping Companies interview.

Shipping Companies Interview Questions For Synergy

1) Tell me about yourself.

This question was very difficult for me because I was very confused to answer these questions, but some I compiled the whole information and told the interviewer.
2) What are your hobbies and what extracurricular activities you do?
3) What is the unit of specific fuel consumption and define the same?
4) What is the unit of work done and define the same?
5) What is the unit of power?
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6) What is the meaning of draw card and why it is used?
7) What is the meaning of Power card and how it is different from the draw card?
8) Name different kinds of mountings present on boiler and explain the function of each.
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9) Pick and trace the steam line of any system like fuel oil heating system?
10) Why steam traps are installed in the steam lines
Ans: Steam traps are installed in the line to remove any condensate present tin the line, to avoid water hammer problems. There are three types of steam traps:
11) Name different type of rudders used on the ship and what is the difference between
these. Ans: Types of rudders are:
Balanced, Unbalanced and Semi Balanced. Difference is the area of rudder before or after the axis of rudder stock.
12) How will you define the pitch of the propeller and how to we calculate the same.
Ans: Pitch of the propeller can be calculated by various methods like protector and spirit level.
13) What is Ph scale and which side is the Alkaline and which side is the acid.
Ans: It indicates the acidic, neutral and alkaline nature of liquid. 1-6 is acidic, 7 is neutral and 7-14 is alkaline.
14) Name different type of compressors used on board ship. How can you relate centrifugal pump with the I.C engine.
Ans: Screw Type compressor, centrifugal type and reciprocating type.
15) Why the crank shaft of the engine earthed?
Ans: To prevent spark taking place at the bearing, as the shaft is charged due to static electricity generated and since propeller is at different potential.16) What is the Unit of Workdone, Force and what is the relation.

Ans the basic reason why we do earthing of crankshaft is that since it always rotating, a static charge developed. Now in order to avoid any kind of spark originating in crankcase, we earth the charge developing in the crankshaft.
16) What is white metal bearing and name the metals with which it is made?
17) Name different types of chemical that are added in the cooling water of the main engine and also explain what benefits we are getting while adding these chemicals in water.
Ans: Sodium Borate and Chromate. They prevent corrosion of cooling spaces.
18) Can we throw ash of the incinerator in the sea?
19) What are special areas in Marpol, where we cannot discharge the treated water also?
20) What is turbo charger and name its parts?
21) What is the function of inducers, diffuser etc in turbocharger?
22) What is the pressure of scavenging air which is used in the main engine?
23) What is the pressure of oil film used in the turbo charger bearing?Ans: Around 4-5 bar.

24) What is the difference between the roller bearing and ball bearing and explain the advantages of both.
25) Why we use fresh water generator on board ship and what advantage we are getting while using the same
26) What do you mean by bursting disc in the engine and explain the purpose of same?
Ans Bursting disc is a type of safety device which is used to protect the engine from adverse effects of crankcase explosions. It is like a safety valve, but bigger in Size. So when the pressure inside the engine crankcase increases due to explosion, this disc explodes to release pressure inside the engine.
27) Explain in brief how you will start the main engine and what difference we have with the starting arrangement of generator engine.
28) What it is bunkering and explain the precautions to be taken before doing the same.
29) What is watch keeping on ship and explain various checks you will do when you are one watch.
30) Explain what we install in turbocharger to reduce its noise? And explain what is surging in turbocharger.
So this was my experience of giving interview in this company and hope you have liked what I have written. If you have information related to the interviews,  please comment below.
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  1. Respected,
    please let us know if there is any openings for Deck Cadet and please post more on Deck cadet interview questions.
    Thanks n Regards

  2. We are working on answers right now. It is requested from people that if they know the answers of any question, please post them in comments. This will help others also.

  3. Very helpful indeed, but do you think the interviewer is going to ask exactly the same questions again???
    The initial questions are standard in any interview and basically are target questions to open up and let you speak freely…

  4. can you please give the info on how to apply to these companies ? I am a 3rd year student. How can i apply for 6 months on board training in this company ?

    1. Good Morning sir, l am
      4th Engineer fresher with Indian COC is there any vaccancy for 4th Engineer,I had done Last ship as Junior Engineer in Container ship.

  5. Sir,I have got 2700 rank in imu cet conducted in june 2016 can I get chennai govt institution for marine engineering and i got 93.5% in intermediate

  6. bursting disc is fitted in cylinder head for safety purpose during starting of main will burst when excessive starting air pressure introduce.. in crankcase it is relief v/v located at starboard side of main engine..

    1. Not fitted only at cylinder head, according to manufacturer’s purpose they can use it where it is required. And these are fitted at so many places with working pressure.

  7. Hi guys..Anyone selected in synergy and currently sailing on their ships can please tell me..That do they have ums and internet facaility on board?

  8. i m completed 6month presea gp rating need job for trainee ordinary seaman for any company i do no how to appear a shipping company for job i think is very difficult please guide me ?
    call me ? 7845995773

  9. i filled synergy online application form for TME, i got 59.66% in pcm in 12th
    but according to synergy. pcm percentage should be 60 or above, do they check marksheet during documentation??

  10. These questions are very basic and simple. I am wondering why anyone is unable to find out the answer of some question.

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