Bulk Carrier Crew Charged
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Bulk Carrier Crew Charged with Attempted Murder

Bulk Carrier Crew Charged with Attempted Murder in South Afircan Waters. As per the news, crew threw two stowaways in to the sea when they were discovered onboard. South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) is closely working with South African Police for the whole case.

Bulk Carrier Crew Charged with Attempted Murder

Seven crew members of a Bulk Carrier named MV TOP GRACE, have been charged by the South African Police with attempted murder case. As per the investigation crew members threw 2 stowaways overboard in order to get rid of them. Two Stowaways who are Tanzania nationality survived 2 days at sea after being washed on the shore of the South Africa.
Crew members includes Captain, Chief Engineer, Bosun, Chief Officer, Third Officer, First Engineer, 2nd Engineer and Bosun. ( Nationality known to be Chinese) They all were taken to the court for hearing. After that on the bail they were released and returned to ship. They will be called for further hearing in the court. The stowaway boarded the ship through the mooring lines, and were hiding inside the chain locker.

Crew had to pay a heavy fine to prevent the sentence. As per crew, they threw them overboard as they had fear of corona virus contamination from the stowaways.

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