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Merchant Navy

Why Joining Merchant Navy Was Best Decision

Get to know about why your decision of joining merchant navy was awesome decision or choice in your life. Let’s peek in to this article to know more.

There are criticism and questions raised on the profession of merchant navy like being isolated, boring etc. But those who are part of this profession knows deep down in their heart that it was the best choice they did and why? Well let’s see down below, why it is so.

Joining Merchant Navy

Know here the reasons which made your best decision in life:

You Are The Free Bird

Merchant Navy gave you the true freedom, and we mean it. Right from the academy to the ship, you are on your own. You are like free bird who can roam around, with no special boundaries. Isn’t it the true freedom that every human kind thinks of?

The Bold and Independent

You got to learn to do things by your own. The umbrella of your parents above your head was well removed when you went to the academy. On the ship as well, you have things, which you need to do by your own. There is no one who is watching you and judging you.
Merchant Navy As a Profession, joining merchant navy

True Harmonist

You worked with so many nationalities, and in return you learned so many things about different cultures. Their ideas, some good and some bad, fascinates you a lot and thus you are truly a global citizen. Who else get to know so many nationalities?

Finest Social Birds and Story Tellers

Since you are away from the land, you knew the importance of being social. Every relation in life be it friends, love etc, you knew the importance. You are always there to make new friends, without giving a second thought.

Early Lift

Since you started earning early in life and that too, a decent figure, it gave you a sense of financial stability and also a good purchasing power as well. To some extent it lifted your class of thinking and how you carry yourself.

Made You Finest Givers and Helper

When it comes to charity (exception are everywhere), sailors are always the first person to give something. And that can be attributed to the fact that since your worked in a team on ship, you tend to help people from your heart.

You See-What You Do

Sailors get to work and see the things they are doing, unlike other profession where you might end up in sitting on a table and a chair for whole life, just writing on a register with a pen or keyboard-your whole life!

Opening Mind For New Ideas

Sailors are often turning themselves to good entrepreneurs, because of the decision making and leadership skills that you learnt at sea. They are so many successful sailors in ashore business after sailing.

True Importance of Safety

On land, mostly we see safety a matter which is written on paper only, but you know the importance of every safety, be it fire or injury, you know what is it, and how to handle.

To Be Happy Even When Alone

At sea, you are not always surrounded by people. So, you tend to go out for fresh air, the best sun set and rise. Well sailors are often considered to be best, when it comes to self introspection. Lot of normal people break down when they are alone, but not the sailors (mostly).

Made You The Finest Bro

Don’t know about other, but in many cases we have seen sailors are best when it comes to being friend or brothers. This is something that you cannot define in words…so I won’t write about it also
This was all from this post; hope you enjoyed reading every bit of it.
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  1. Hi…i really enjoyed this post of why joining merchant navy was the best decision……especially the finest bro part..

    Merchant navy makes the best man

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