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Largest Container Ship Breaks Record of Carrying Maximum Containers

HMM Algeciras, which was recently launched by the Hyundai Merchant Marine, left the port of Yantian with whooping 19,621 containers on ship. Ship is now bound for Rotterdam. The previous record of carrying maximum containers was MSC GULSUN, which carried 19574 containers. Surely it is a buzz in the shipping world as biggest container ship carries maximum number of boxes.
HMM Algeciras is operating between China-Europe service called as THE Alliances’s Far East Europe 4 (FE4) service with a port rotation starting at Qingdao, Busan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Yantian, Suez Canal, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp and London.

HMM has ordered around 12 -24,000 TEU containerships called as Megaboxes. All of them are being manufactured in two different yards in Korea. The war of carrying maximum containers and also to have biggest vessel in the world is not ending at all. HMM Algeciras is the first among them.
Photo Credits: Hyundai Merchant Marine

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