USCG Air Lifts Offshore Vessel
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Video: USCG Air Lifts Offshore Vessel Sailor For Medical Assistance

A crew member of offshore vessel reported pain in the arm and shortness of breath. Crew member from RMS Citation, which is a support vessel, had to be medically evacuated from around 7miles offshore Corpus Christi, Texas. Coast Guard received a request to provide an air medevac 45 year old crew member, which was promptly initiated by the duty coast guard officer.
As we can see that USCG, did the job smoothly, though with helicopter it is not that easy it appears to be. Crew was air lifted in no time and was taken to the nearby hospital for further treatment. Everyday USCG helps people out there at sea for any kind of assistance, apart from surveillance also. Video throws a light on how important job is and a respect to the seafarers who are working at sea.

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