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MV X-Press Pearl to Be Declared As Complete Loss-Owner

Tragic incident related to fire which happened on the MV X Press Pearl seems to have resulted in complete destruction of ship structure as seen from the images. As per the owner of the vessel, ship will be declared as complete loss.

As per the media reports, the ship was denied entry in other ports after ship reported cargo spill from the container on ship. After that ship came to Colombo where the cargo caught fire.

As many videos and pictures have surfaced on social media related to the ship, it can be clearly seen that fire has damaged the structural completely. As per the reports, burning material is toxic, thus it possess great danger to people living on shore. Authorities have warned people not to touch any floating object washing to the shore as it may be toxic.

All the crew members from the ship were successfully evacuated safely. But now the biggest concern for the authorities is the fuel that ship have and also the toxic cargo which is washing ashore. It could be another environmental disaster.

Image and Video Credits: Sri Lankan Coast Guard

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