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‘We too have families waiting for us’: Crew Members Plead Government for COVID-19 test results

Amidst the pandemic lies the 24 hours working class like ship crew members waiting eagerly to go home.
Donato Albayalde and his colleagues of cruise ship Queen Mary 2 reached Philippines on April 25. Since then, they are being stuck at hotel in Pasa city in the name of quarantine. It’s been more than 24 days that they are pleading and waiting for their COVID-19 results to come.
Albayalde said, 13 other shipmates who have been staying at Queensland Pasay. Whereas, the other crew members are in a separate hotel in Sta. Mesa in Quezon City. All of them compulsorily need to secure a certificate from the Red Cross in order to leave for home. Not only their families are worried, their own health is also at risk. Long days of isolation and uncertainty have lead to stress and anxiety.

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