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Questions asked in Zodiac Maritime Shipping company interview

Hello friends in this post I have posted some of the questions that were asked in the interview of Zodiac Shipping Company. First of all I want to tell you that Zodiac is a shipping company that is mainly having tankers ships. Zodiac is a sister of tankers pacific which is also a major company dealing in the tanker operations.

This article will surely prove beneficial for the people or cadets who are appearing for interview in shipping companies. If you have any similar experience with any shipping company, tell us and we will publish your article. So let’s see questions that were asked in the Zodiac interview. These are some of the questions that help people for preparing shipping company interview.
Questions asked in Zodiac Maritime Shipping company interview
1) What is your name and explain yourself.
2) Tell about your family, like what your father do for living?
3) Since you are having so good grades, why you joined merchant navy only, you could have joined any other field.
4) Ok tell us about our company, what you know about us and how many vessels we are having.
5) What is fresh water generator and how it works?
Ans: Fresh water generator as name suggests is a piece of machinery on ship, which is used to generate fresh water. This uses the heat of main engine cooling water and this in turn heats the sea water. After evaporation, sea water is condensed and fresh water is obtained.
6) On what Principal Fresh water  generator works?
Since water boils at only 100 degree Celsius with 1 atm pressure, we create a vacuum condition inside the fresh water generator. So, due to this water starts boiling at a temperature which is equal to the 70 to 80 degree Celsius only.
7) What do you understand by oily water separator how this piece of equipment works and tell us why we install in the ship?
Ans: Sir, oily water separator is installed to take out or separate out oil and water mixture coming from bilges and purifier. According to Marpol 73/78, we cannot throw untreated oily water. So by using oily water separator, we tend to reduce the oil content below, 15PPM. To carry out this process oily water separator proves to be the ideal machinery. Generally it involves gravitational separation at first stage and then special oilyphilic or hydrophilic materials are used to remove left oil particles.
8) What is the meaning of SOLAS and what purpose it serves?
Ans: Solas stands for ‘safety of life at sea’. This is an amendment from the International maritime organizations to check the safety of life at sea. This comes under the STCW convention. There are various clauses given in the SOLAS and they are needed to be followed in strict manner.
9) What do you know about incinerator? What is the need of installing a incinerator on ship?
Ans: Incinerator is like combustion machinery, which is used to burn oily rags, galley waster (Non plastic) and waster oil from the oily water separator.
In Incinerator, these products are burned at high temperature and the left over ash is given to the port reception facility.
10) What you know about International Safety Management and ISPS code?
11) As an engineer, How oil spill will affect your job.
12) Final question, why we should hire you?
Ans: Now you have to answer this question by yourself.
So, this was all from this article and hope you liked this article, please share this article with others, so that they can also prepare themselves for the interviews. Do you check out other articles related to this topic here and keep tuned yourself, for such interesting articles.
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