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MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Questions MEK – Part 5

In this post MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Marine Engineering Knowledge Questions that were asked in the Class 4B exam of MMD exam. This is the part 1 of series dealing with the Marine engineering knowledge. Answer to these questions will be available shortly. It is very important to have a look of the questions that are asked in the previous year’s exam papers. If you have any suggestions related to these questions, please write in the comment box below this article. Previous year MMD exam papers are available for other subjects also in our site.

Function: Marine Engineering at Operational Level

MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Questions

1.     Give a brief note to the support crew on the virtues of keeping the engine room clean and free from oil spills and wastage to avoid inviting a deficiency under port state control inspection.
2.     Sketch and describe an engine room oil transfer system clearly showing fittings. State types of valves fitted in the system.
3.      Write brief notes on the following:
A.    incinerators
B.     air relief valves
C.     mixing columns
4.      In Vessel construction, beam brackets are triangular plates joining the deck beam to a _________________.
A.    bulkhead
B.     frame
C.     stanchion
D.    deck
Briefly Justify Your Answer
5.      The cylinders and intercoolers of most low pressure air compressors are cooled by _____________.
A.    water
B.     oil
C.     air
D.    CO2
Briefly Justify Your Answer
6.      A one ton air conditioning system has which of the listed operating characteristics?
A.    It forces approximately 1000kgs of refrigerant through the evaporator per day.
B.     It forces approximately 1000kgs of air per hour across the evaporator coils.
C.     Its cooling power equals that of melting approximately 1000kgs of ice per day.
D.    It contains approximately 1000kgs of refrigerant.
Briefly Justify
Your Answer
 MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Marine Engineering Knowledge Questions are objective as well subjective too.
7.      Which of the materials listed is used as the dynamic seal material on mechanical seals installed on most centrifugal pumps used in water service?
A.    Copper.
B.     Copper and carbon.
C.     Carbon.
D.    Bronze.
Briefly Justify Your Answer
 MEOCLass4B, MEO Class 4B e-Pariksha Questions
8.      When using a handheld hacksaw, you should
apply pressure only on the forward stroke ____________.
A.    only when cutting thin wall tubing
B.     only when cutting carbon steel
C.     only when cutting conduit
D.    at all times
Briefly Justify Your Answer
9.      An important consideration in selecting a
lubricating oil for use in a refrigeration compressor is for the oil to
A.    have a high viscosity index
B.     mix readily with refrigerant
C.     have a high freezing point
D.    have a low pour point
Briefly Justify Your Answer
10.  If the intercooler relief valve lifts while
an air compressor is operating under load, you should check for ___________________.
A.    a defective pressure switch or pilot valve
B.     a leak in the intercooler piping
C.     leakage through the low pressure unloader control diaphragm
D.    leaking high pressure discharge valves
Briefly Justify Your Answer
 1.      Describe
the constructional arrangements for clearing decks of green seas or slack
(a)    Sketch and describe a double bottom oil fuel tank air ventilator.
(b)   What measures are provided on board for the prevention of contamination of fuel oil via air ventilators.
2.      With
reference to equipment supplied to detect and combat cargo hold fires in dry
cargo ships;
(a)    Describe,  for a ship that carries dangerous cargo, the bridge based detection arrangement;
(b)   State how fires are dealt with bearing in mind that cargo quantity varies.
3.      Describe with the aid of simple diagrams:
(i)         Osmosis:
(ii)        Reverse osmosis.
(a)    Explain TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of producing fresh water by reverse osmosis.
(b)   State the pre-treatment and post-treatment required during the reverse osmosis process for the production of potable water.
4.      Define
the term brittle fracture.
(a)    State with reasons how and where brittle failure may occur on a ship.
(b)   (i) Explain how toughness of steel may be improved.
(ii) Outline the test carried out to determine toughness.
5.      With reference to an auxiliary steam installation:
(a)    Explain the term water hammer indicating possible effects on the system;
(b)   State how the risk of water hammer may be avoided;
(c)    State, with reasons, why the testing and treatment of boiler water is essential;
6.      (a)   Sketch and describe a pneumatically operated control valve.
(b)   Explain how the valve is operated if the controller fails.
(c)    Discuss the routine maintenance required for these valves.
7.      Describe with the aid of sketches, the construction of a starting air receiver. Show how the ends are attached and the provision made for internal inspection. Name the mountings required and state the precaution sometime s taken against overheating by fire.
8.      When replacing ball bearings on an electric motor shaft, you should ______________.
(a)    tap the outer race with a mallet
(b)   apply even pressure to the outer race
(c)    apply even force to the inner race
(d)   apply pressure evenly to both the inner and outer races Briefly Justify Your Answer
9.      Short cycling of a refrigeration compressor refers to
(a)    frequently cutting out on over load.
(b)   frequently starting and stopping
(c)    running too fast
(d)   running too slow
10.  The emergency bilge suction valve is typically used _____________.
(a)    to inject cleaning additives when the bilges are extremely dirty
(b)   when the main condenser becomes fouled, in order to provide additional cooling water circulation
(c)    to connect the rose box to the independent bilge suction
(d)   if the bilges become flooded and they can not be emptied by any other means
Briefly Justify your Answer
1.       Expand the abbreviation COW and write a note (in about 250 words), to the superintending engineer of your company on the benefits of having a COW system on your crude carrier
2.       An inverted gate valve (stem pointing downward) may be subject to wear sooner than a similar valve installed in the upright position because ______________.
A.    the gate’s full weight is upon the stem
B.     the gland stud nuts are under more pressure
C.     sediment collects in the bonnet
D.    the packing will not properly adhere to the
Briefly Justify Your Answer
3.       After installing a new centrifugal pump in a cooling water system, what special attention should be given to the system?
A.    System
B.     Pump
C.     Relief Valves
D.    Power Supply Briefly Justify Your Answer
With respect to refrigeration  compressors suggest reasons for the
A.    Short cycling
B.     Provision of a back pressure valve
C.     Frosting on the suction side
5.       How do structural welds in the engine room fail? Briefly state the causes of any two types of failures you are aware of.
6.       Discuss at least two methods of cathodic protection of ships hull.
(i)   Sacrificial Anode System.
(ii)  Impressed Current System.
7.       Discuss the effects of EACH of the following conditions on the maintenance schedule of multi-tubular heat exchangers using sea water as the cooling medium:
A.    Low water velocity in the tubes;
B.     Wasted sacrificial anodes;
C.     Fluid medium of varying viscosity;
D.    Structural vibration of cooler fasteners and support
8.       With reference to rotary vane steering gears, explain the principle of operation, by illustrations and sketches
a line diagram of a complete feed water system for an auxiliary boiler,
labelling all the principal items and showing the direction of flow in all
10.    Sketch a simple auxiliary air (7 kg /
cm2) system used for supplying service air.
Explain the importance and purpose of
each fitting
1.      With
reference to tankers discuss the following basic principles adopted as fire
safety measures:
(a)    Separation
of accommodation spaces from the remainder of the ship by thermal and structural
(b)   Protection
of means of escape.
2.      (a)
Describe TWO methods of tracing a superficial crack in a casting used as a
engine component .
      (b) Explain how
propagation of a crack in a machinery component can be arrested.
3.      (a)  Make a detailed sketch of a Ships domestic
refrigeration system
(b)  Give a full description of such a
Refrigeration System, explaining the purpose of the relevant control and safety
4.      Define
briefly the construction details peculiar to each of the following types of
closure that enables their primary function to be fully realised:
(a)  Water tight doors,
(b)  Fire proof doors,
(c)  Gas tight doors,
5.      What
are the advantages and disadvantages of the single-coil type and the straight-tube
type of inter-cooler for air compressor? Why are the tubes and coils generally
made of copper?
6.      Sketch
an inertia governor as fitted to some main propulsion engines. Explain how it
operates. Define its limitations.
7.      (a)
Describe the effects of fresh water feed on auxiliary boilers.
(b) Describe the measures taken to
reduce these effects.
(c) State how generated steam
conditions influence the control of boiler water and feed condition.
8.      If
a radial piston hydraulic pump fails to deliver rated fluid volume, the cause
can be _______________.
contaminated fluid
pitted thrust rings
worn pintle bearings
obstructed suctions passage
  Briefly Justify your Answer
9.      A
fluctuating and unsteady vacuum in an evaporator may be caused by
wet steam entering the air ejector nozzle
pinhole leaks in the evaporator tube nests
rapid scaling on the evaporator tube nests
high water levels in the last effect
   Briefly Justify your Answer
10.  A generator
has been exposed to water and is being checked for its safe operation.  Therefore, it is necessary to
check for shorted coils with a explosimeter.
take moisture readings with a hydrometer
test insulation values with a megger
ground the commutator, or slip rings and run it at half
Justify your Answer
 1.      Write a note (about 500 words) to your relieving watch keeping engineer of your watch, on the problems you are facing in controlling jacket cooling water temperature of the main engine.
2.     Sketch and describe a domestic refrigerant system, ‘Condenser’ with all its fittings. State the safety devices, if any fitted, on the condenser.
Write short notes on the following:
Screw type sludge pumps
Engine room smoke and fire detectors.
4.     Which of the following statements represents the main difference between a stuffing box gland and a mechanical seal for sealing the shaft of a centrifugal pump?
A.    Packed stuffing box glands are subject to wear, but mechanical seals are not.
B.     Packed stuffing box glands must be cooled by the liquid being pumped, but mechanical seals do not require cooling.
C.     If packing fails, the pump can be kept running temporarily by tightening the gland, but if a mechanical seal fails it must be totally renewed to stop the leakage.
D.    The sealing surface of a mechanical seal is parallel to the shaft, but the sealing surface of a packed gland is perpendicular to the shaft.
Briefly Justify Your Answer
5.      In a shell-and-tube type hydraulic fluid cooler, the amount of heat transferred from the hydraulic fluid to the cooling water depends upon ________________.
A.    the temperature of the hydraulic fluid
B.     the flow rate of both the cooling water and the hydraulic fluid
C.     the temperature of the cooling water
D.    all of the above
Briefly Justify Your Answer
6.     The presence of scale and dirt on the saltwater side of a lube oil cooler is usually indicated by ___________.
A.    clogged lube oil strainers
B.     seawater leaking into the lube oil system
C.     decreasing lube oil pressure
D.    gradually increasing lube oil temperature
Briefly Justify Your Answer
7.      The charging of a refrigerating system
should be carried out by adding _____________.
A.    refrigerant vapor to the receiver only
B.     liquid refrigerant to the low side only
C.     liquid refrigerant to the high side only
D.    liquid refrigerant to the high or low side
Briefly Justify Your Answer
8.     A leaking suction valve in the second stage of a two stage, high pressure, air compressor can cause excessively high
A.    second stage discharge pressure
B.     first stage discharge pressure
C.     pressure in the aftercooler
D.    compressor final discharge temperature
Briefly Justify Your Answer
9.      Fabric type packing, such as flax or hemp, is best suited for _____________.
A.    low temperature use
B.     high temperature use
C.     use where alignment is critical
D.    packing valves with badly grooved stems
Briefly Justify Your Answer
10.  Which of the listed problems is occurring if a coil type high pressure evaporator constantly requires an increase in the coil steam pressure in order to maintain capacity?
A.    The brine density is improper.
B.     Heat transfer surfaces are being layered with scale.
C.     Impure distillate is being produced.
D.    Shell
vapor pressure is constantly decreasing. Briefly Justify Your Answer

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