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E Pariksha Online Questions for Motor or General With Answers

Want to know about the questions related to the Marine Engineering Knowledge Motor or General, well then have a look at this post and you will find lot of questions related to this subject. 

Marine engineering knowledge for Class 4B MMD exam

A large marine diesel main propulsion engines, speed
fluctuates all the time during the voyage. Give a report (in about 200 words)
to the chief engineer explaining the observation of various engine parameters,
during the voyage which could be indication of some fault, causing engine speed
Sketch an auxiliary engine starting air system,
naming the various components, and fittings in the system.
3.      A very sudden
rise in pressure during combustion accompanied by  knocking of the unit or detonation  usually occurs
(a)    Near the end of
the pressure rise after ignition of fuel charge.
(b)   Just before the
fuel charge is about to ignite.
(c)    Immediately after
the unit reaches peak pressure and before ignition of fuel charge.
(d)   At any stage of
the combustion process.
Briefly Justify Your Answer.
4.      The main
requirements which a fuel injection system must fulfil are
(a)    accurate metering
of small amount of fuel oil.
(b)   control of quality
of fuel injection
(c)    proper timing of
the fuel injection
(d)   selective
distribution of the fuel in the combustion space.
State each one of the points made above are
true or false. If any point you perceive is false, state why is it so.
5.      In any marine
diesel engine, air movements inside a combustion chamber is very important.
Generally speaking, air movement helps
(a)    to distribute the
(b)   to mix it with
(c)    to cool the
cylinder liner
(d)   to help in
optimising liner lubrication
(e)    to assist
(f)    to reduce after
(g)   to reduce
combustion temperatures.
State which of the above points are true or
false. If any point you perceive is false, state why is it so.
6.      An auxiliary
engine under load continuously fluctuates even with a steady load. The fault
you diagnose could be owing to
(a)    the quality of
(b)   the quality of
servicing of the governor in the last port.
(c)    the supply of
charge air
(d)   the overhaul of
fuel injectors done in the last decarbonisation
Briefly Justify Your Answer.
7.      Describe the
inspection undertaken with respect to the main Diesel engines during a one-day
stoppage at a foreign port after a long period of continuous running.
8.      The diesel driven
emergency fire pump simply refuses to start after running perfectly  for a period of half an hour just before you
prepare it to restart again. State just 4 checks you would make to confirm the
cause of this problem.
9.      The exhaust
manifold of an emergency generator engine under load turns red hot. There is no
lagging on the manifold. What efforts would you make to cool down the manifold?
State clearly what could be the causes for such an occurrence.
Explain the possible reasons
for excessive lubricating oil consumption in an auxiliary Diesel engine and
state the danger, which may be associated with this defect.
Prepare a notice for the engine room support staff
stating 10 points of caution while working in enclosed space.
Sketch and describe Turbo charger end bearings of any
make you know off, complete with its housing and lubrication arrangement.
What is meant by combustion noise and mechanical noise.
How are each generated and measured. Give four typical values of noise
measurement in different parts of the engine room.
Write Short notes on the following:
Effect of worn out rings on oil consumption and blow by
Dry liners and wet liners
Thermal loading of piston.
Sacrificial zinc anodes are used on the saltwater side
of diesel engine heat exchangers to _____________.    
(A)    reduce
electrolytic action on heat exchanger metals
(B)    keep
heat transfer surfaces shiny and clean  
(C)    prevent
rapid accumulation of marine growth          
(D)    provide
a protective coating on heat exchanger surfaces
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
The fuel supply system to an automatic auxiliary
boiler, will be automatically shutdown if the boiler ______________.
(A)    salinity
is abnormally high                            
(B)    steam
demand is too high                             
(C)    water
level is abnormally low                                   
(D)    feedwater
flow is low                                               
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
The crankcases of many diesel engines are kept under a
slight vacuum to _____________.                 
(A)    improve
fuel economy                                  
(B)    increase
the air charge velocity                                 
(C)    reduce
the risk of explosion                          
(D)    all
of the above                                             
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
The rate of cylinder lubricating oil metered to each         cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion
diesel      engine is ______________.                          
(A)    the
same, whether at sea, or during maneuvering     
(B)    adjusted
during each hour of operation while at      
constant  RPM                                              
(C)    higher
at sea than while maneuvering                       
(D)    lower
at sea than while maneuvering            
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
On a medium-speed main propulsion diesel engine, the
crankpin or crank journal bearings receive lubricating oil from  _____________.                            
(A)    a
spindle lubricator                                       
(B)    an
oil jet                                                        
(C)    internal
(D)    drilled
passages in the crankshaft                 
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
10.  Fins
are installed on the generating tube surfaces in waste heat boilers to
(A)    prevent
soot fires in the exhaust system                   
(B)    prevent
exhaust gas erosion of the tubes                  
(C)    increase
the velocity of exhaust gas flow                 
(D)    increase
the rate of heat transfer                   
Briefly Justify Your Answer                                                            
During your watch one of the main engine unit was
indicating high exhaust temperature reading. Write a note to Chief Engineer
how the cause leading to abnormal running condition was
subsequent action taken to control the fire.
2.      State
FOUR operational conditions that may lead to vibration of the main transmission
3.      What
are the main advantages of the impulse and the constant pressure exhaust
turbo-charging systems
4.      Explain
how sluggish action of the suction and delivery valves reduces the volumetric
efficiency of an air compressor.
5.      (a)  Make a detailed sketch of a tilting pad type
thrust block.                                        
(b)  Give a
detailed description of the tilting pad block. stating any important dimensions
and clearances.                                                           
6.      With
respect of hydraulic ram type steering gear:
(a)    State
the emergency locking device that can be used in order to speedily bring the
steering gear to rest:                                                                                                   
(b)   State,
with one reason the best angular position to lock the steering gear in.           
7.      The
reading of the steam pressure gauge of an auxiliary boiler is suspect.
(a)    The
action to be taken
       (b)   How the gauge could be calibrated
8.      (a)
Sketch a cascade control system.
      (b) Explain the operation of this cascade
9.      In
any diesel engine closed freshwater cooling system, the lowest pressure exists
at the _____________.       
jacket water outlet                                         
cooling water pump outlet                             
heat exchanger outlet                         
expansion tank atmospheric vent                   
Briefly Justify
Your Answer                                                                   
10.  The
main advantage of unit injectors over other fuel       injection
systems is _____________.                       
Reducing the need of too many high pressure fuel lines                   
their relatively low injection pressures                       
reduced wear of spray orifices                                   
the lessened chance of fuel leaks into the engine sump
            Briefly Justify your Answer
up a notice on the Lube Oil Purifier, to keep a close eye on the Lube Oil level
on the sight glass, which is not giving a clear indication of the level owing
to the glass being damaged. Suggest some precautions in the notice.
2. A dirty atomizer sprayer plate in the burner of an auxiliary boiler,
would be indicated by ____________.        
carbon on the register doors                           
a dazzling white atomizer flame                                
fluctuating pressure in the windbox              
an unevenly shaped burner flame                  
Briefly justify
your answer
Lubricating oil systems for diesel engine journal
bearings are usually lubricated by which of the following types of  lubricating oil systems?                                  
      Briefly justify your answer.                                                   
4.   Recent
experience has shown persistent damage occurring on seating faces of main
engine exhaust valves which is not confined to any particular cylinder unit.
State, with reasons, the possible causes.
State the short-term action to be taken in order to
minimize engine operational problems.
5.   Make
a diagrammatic sketch of a jacket cooling water system as applied to a group of
medium speed auxiliary diesel engines. Indicate the temperatures and pressures
in the system. Describe in particular the flow of water from entry to the
engine to outlet from the engine and sketch the more important joints in the
6.   With the aid of a
block diagram describe the operation of an electronic governor fitted to an
auxiliary diesel engine.
Explain briefly how the different moving parts of a
main engine are subjected to various stresses.          
      Name the stresses and
justify by stating how they originate.
8.   With reference to pneumatically operated
control valves
, used in piston cooling water systems
State FOUR reasons for fitting a valve positioner;
Explain the operation of a positioner in control
engineering terms;
9.   Describe any Super -charging system other
than the pulse or constant pressure systems.
10. The highest pressure in any closed diesel engine
freshwater cooling system is at the _____________. 
jacket water outlet                                         
expansion tank inlet                                       
heat exchanger inlet                                       
cooling water pump outlet                             
 Briefly Justify Your Answer.           
instructions to the support crew for matters concerning safety during
watchkeeping related to rotating machinery parts.
 Sketch and describe a main air starting valve
of any large two stroke marine diesel engine known to you.
 Write short notes on :
of absorbing thrust of a 4 stroke auxiliary engine crankshaft
of large 2 stroke marine diesel engine drive gear / timing gear.
Cooling the intake air supplied to a diesel engine will
reduce mean effective pressure                            
decrease average compression pressure               
decrease air charge density                                  
increase power output                              
Briefly justify
your Answer.
When there is a flame failure in an automatically fired
auxiliary boiler, the ____________.                 
air supply is shut off                                            
fuel supply is shut off                              
water feed is shut off                               
safety valve lifts                                       
Briefly justify
your Answer.
Lubrication for the main reduction gears used with
diesel engines is usually supplied by _____________.     
oil from the main engine sump                             
an independent lube oil system                            
the stern bearing head tank                                  
the stern bearing sump tank                                 
Briefly justify
your Answer.
Which of the listed items should be secured before  performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated
air start valve?                                                           
Electric power                                          
Lube oil standby pump                            
Hydraulic switch                                      
Motor drain                                              
Briefly justify
your Answer.
What is to be installed on an internal combustion
engine if its cylinder bore exceeds 200mm?             
Crankcase vapor monitors                        
Engine exhaust silencers                          
Constant pressure type turbochargers                  
Explosion relief valves                             
Briefly justify
your Answer.
Which of the following actions should normally be taken
during each watch when the auxiliary boiler is in operation?
Clean the flame scanner photocell window.                    
Inspect and clean all solenoid valves.                  
Lift the safety valves by hand.                            
Inspect for oil or water leaks.                              
                                                           Briefly justify your Answer.
10.  Excessive
vibration of an automatically fired auxiliary boiler can be caused by
air or water in the furnace                        
combustion pulses                                    
fuel oil pump failure                                             
flame failure                                             
Briefly justify
your Answer.

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