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Shipping and Aviation industry- which has more Potential

As I am sitting
on the terrace of my house, and looking at the planes-landing and taking off
from the far away airport, feeling of nostalgia was common, as we used to run
to the roof to have glimpse of planes in our childhood days. But today as I am
related to the Shipping industry, those childish thought soon
disappeared. I may have not seen ‘shipping industry revolution’ but yes of
course, the one related to aviation I have. From those simple planes, that
carried only 100 people at a time, and the buzz regarding ‘Boeing 747
was also shared by me too. 

Now coming to
the main part, as what let me to write this article. I personally think that in
coming future both these industry has a crucial role to play. For mariner’s
point of view, these are some of my thoughts that could impact shipping
Transportation cost for shipping or aviation industry
Well I am quite
sure that the transportation cost related to the aviation industry is
more, because of the fuel cost and other related factors like expensive
machinery. As in coming future, where the fuel scarcity will
take world to a cut throat condition, aviation will be greatly affected, if
another means of running them is not evolved or developed soon. On the other
hand, Shipping too needs fuel for their working, but still they are using the
worse oil they can use and this industry can survive on fuels like gas, or even
steam (If it was possible again to make steam engine on full scale)
Time duration while transportation
industry stands nowhere in comparison to aviation when it comes to time taken
to deliver a product from one destination to other. A ship might take 30 days
to transport a cargo, and on the other hand, aviation industry can do it in 18
hours or something.
Environmental factors
If a ship goes
haywire, it posses higher environment threats because of the medium of
transportation it is associated with. Especially the tankers, if they go bad,
then oil spill put offs sleeps of all the people nearby to that place. On the
other hand, aviation industry has less environment concerns because everything
is concerned is with the medium, which is not inhabited by the humans.  
Generation of employment
Well Shipping
and aviation both have generated great number of jobs. But aviation has more
weight age in this field because, in short period of time, it has engulfed many
people for its service. On the other hand, shipping is more or less constant
now and expansion is happening slowly.
Infrastructure needed for both industries
needs for both the industry is quite important. Cargo handling
 etc. is need for both. Maintenance work is required on both
the means of transportation. But if we see in a deeper manner, aviation needs
more advance infrastructure as compared to the shipping. I mean for making
airport, you need to sacrifice a 10 Km area, at any place, which may be good
for agriculture or housing. On the other side of mirror, shipping only needs
infrastructure on those places where, human population is in scarce number and
makes maximum use of sea side. 
Future aspects of both Shipping and aviation industry
We know that a
plane cannot take as much as cargo as a ship does. But numbers of planes in the
aviation industry can be a boon for them. Aviation industry is fast and
delivers items in less time; on the contrary shipping industry is a slower one.
In coming
future, both these industry will face consequences of fuel shortage. As far as
shipping is concerned, they can manage with the gas or even with the steam
(using nuclear fuel). But aviation industry still needs oil- the liquid which
we are losing fast.
industry can go deeper in to the lands, but shipping not (Right now). But the
developments of inland water ways are supporting the shipping to a great extent
to increase its penetration. 
Final words……..
No doubt
aviation has provided us with the fast means of transportation. So, it is good
for delivering small cargoes and people from one place to another in a short
time. On the other hand, shipping still and will deliver maximum cargo, today,
and in coming future too.
But if,
aviation somehow able to make machines that can be big in terms of cargo
capacity (Not in terms of size) and a fuel that is cheap, may be hydrogen, then
they will rule the world, and that will be the day when sea will be used for
just pleasure ships, and nothing else. 

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