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How to Deal with Stress and Depression on Ship

This article discusses about the means by which you can beat out the stress or tension that a seafarer might be suffering from when onboard a vessel. It is known fact to all of us, that merchant navy is not all about visiting different places and also earning thousands of dollars. For the time period you are onboard, you might end up in stress and depressions due to various factors like work, social and problem with the people onboard.
Since the social life at sea is among the limited people, it is common for people to get stressed and undergo a depression period. But, if you follow some of the means that are given below, you might not end up in such a situation. Let’s see how we can keep you mentally fit.

Dealing with Stress or Depression at Sea

Let’s learn about ways you can adopt to tackle such situation.

Don’t Take Small Thing Big

Yes, there are many people who take small things personally and then tend to think about them too much. This result in coming of negative thoughts and eventually person is stressed and his or her mind wanders away from the work. There are so many other big things to worry about, forget the small ones.
Stress and Depression

Keep Professional and Social life separate

You seniors might taunt you or scold you for the work that you are doing wrong. But take it as positive conversation as he or she is right in telling you that. And don’t take it personally as directed to you only. As soon as you end work for the day, the talk should remain only in the work place. Keep out that matter there only.

Don’t constantly think about family

There have been many cases where people were just busy in thinking about their family. Well there is nothing wrong in doing that, but over of it, is. See you cannot actually do anything about your family when you are onboard. And you have to accept this fact that you will be away from the family when you are going onboard.

Try to Mix Up with People

There are so many nationalities onboard, and they all have their stories to be said. So, enjoy with those guys and have fun with each other. Cracking jokes on each other is never a bad idea, if it is not crossing the boundaries. You never know you might find that person on other ship. So better is to be social.

Don’t lock yourself, Come Out

Nowadays since internet and technology is too much, cases of people suffering with stress and depression have increase. They are always in their cabins and not coming out. This leads to sense of loneliness which eventually leads you to depression.

Share with others

You will always find some guy on ship who you think is closer to you. So, if you have problem with something, then speak in front of him or her. This really helps, you try it. Rather keeping things in your mind, try to vomit them (With words), you will feel relaxed after doing that.

Confess it and Sort Out

If you have problem with somebody onboard, try to talk to that person. When you talk, the line of confusion always fades away. That will be other case that you don’t want to talk to that person, but sorting out your problem always help.

Go out and Have Some Fun

There are so many people who never go out when it is shore leave. Well the advice is that, you should go out. After being trapped on steel structure, this is the best time. Go and buy something good for eating which you like most like chips. Or you can spend some time doing gym and stay healthy at sea.

Get out and See the Sun

Seriously, those who miss the beautiful sunset and Sunrise at sea are losing lot of things. Just wake up n the morning and see the sunrise. Half of your tension will be gone. And in the evening with a cup of coffee, just stand on the outside floor and see the sun.
This was all from this article, hope you enjoyed reading beating stress out at Sea.

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