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MEO Class 4B Marine Engineering Knowledge Past Papers- Part 4

In this post I have discussed the questions that
were asked in the Class 4B exam of MMD . This is the part 4 of
series dealing with the Marine engineering knowledge. Answer to these questions
will be available shortly. It is very important to have a look of the
questions that are asked in the previous year’s exam papers. If you have any
suggestions related to these questions, please write in the comment box below
this article. Previous year MMD exam papers are available for other subjects
also in our site.

Function: Marine Engineering at Operational Level

Marine engineering knowledge for Class 4B MMD exam

1.      Write
a letter to the company Technical Manager stating with reasons why the fuel
bunkered in the last port is of very poor quality.
2.      Write
Short notes on the following:
(a)    Main
air starting valves
(b)   Fuel
(c)    Cam
3.      Describe
any turbo-charging system based on the pulse or constant pressure systems.
4.      (a)  Explain why it is necessary to reduce the
rolling of a vessel.                        
      (b)  Describe with the aid of a sketch, ONE method
of reducing roll in a vessel.                      
Make a diagrammatic sketch of a jacket cooling water
as applied to a group of medium speed auxiliary diesel engines. Indicate
the temperatures and pressures in the system. Describe in particular the flow
of water from entry to the engine to outlet from the engine and sketch the more
important joints in the system.
6.      (a)   Describe THREE different patterns of tube
used in exhaust gas boilers.
(b)   Give
TWO reasons why a tube is condemned.
(c)    Describe
how it is replaced by a spare tube.
Suggest with reasons the possible consequences of allowing an exhaust
gas boiler to run dry  during full power
operation of the main engine
7.      With
reference to air compressors state why:
(a)   Clearance
volume should be as small as possible,
(b) Cylinder
lubrication should be minimal,
(c) Intake
filters should be cleaned regularly,
(d) Suction and
delivery spring loaded plate valves are use.
8.      A
dirty atomizer sprayer plate in the burner of an auxiliary boiler, would be
indicated by ____________.      
carbon on the register doors                                 
a dazzling white atomizer flame                          
fluctuating pressure in the windbox                    
an unevenly shaped burner flame            
Briefly Justify
Your Answer
9.      The
highest pressure in any closed diesel engine freshwater cooling system is at the
jacket water outlet                                               
expansion tank inlet                                             
heat exchanger inlet                                             
cooling water pump outlet                                   
Briefly Justify
Your Answer
10.  Which of
the following statements describes the function of an alarm annunciator on an
engine room alarm panel?
An alarm condition causes a light and siren to come on
which remain on until the machinery is secured.
A flashing light comes on, followed by an audible
alarm. When an alarm acknowledge button is depressed, the audible alarm is
silenced and light stays on.
An alarm condition gives an audible and visual alarm
signal, both of which are secured when the alarm acknowledge button is
An alarm condition causes a flashing light to come on,
followed by an audible alarm. When the alarm acknowledge button is depressed,
the warning light is extinguished.
Briefly Justify
Your Answer
1.      Misalignment
of the main shafting
between engine and propeller causes bearing overloads and
shaft stress.
(a)    State
the difficulties associated with checking shaft alignment and the reasons why
results are unreliable due to external factors.
(b)   Explain
with a simple sketch how a bearing load is assessed.
2.      (a)   Sketch diagrammatically a device for
controlling the viscosity of the fuel oil to the injectors.
      (b)  State the value at which the viscosity should
be maintained.
3.      How
are auxiliary engine-starting air valves connected and operated? What attention
do they require?
4.      With
reference to heat exchangers state why:
(a)  Titanium is often used in preference to other
(b)  Sweating of tubes into tube-plates is
preferable to brazing;                                     
(c)  Rolling of tubes into tube-plates s
preferable to using ferrules and grommets.        
5.      With
reference to fuel cam design state:-
(a)    Why
dwell is sometimes incorporated.
(b)   The
purpose of reduce width on certain sections of the cam.
(c)    What
governs the spring force?
6.      Describe
a system of feed water treatment suitable for an auxiliary boiler and explain
the test on the boiler water, which are necessary to ensure that the condition
of the water is satisfactory.
The diameters of crankshaft and intermediate shaft
bearings are different, and in old engines there may also be differences in the
crankshaft journals. How is the axial center-line of the various bearings found
when taking measurements to establish the true shafting line?
Enumerate the properties desirable in a crankcase
lubricating oil suitable for use in a trunk piston engine and describe a system
for purifying the oil. State how and why the system is operated.
and describe a crankcase oil mist detector system and state the conditions,
which will actuate the alarm.
How is the system tested to ensure that it is in working order?
how readings of cylinder liner wear are taken and indicate the form in which
the measurements are recorded for reference. Explain why limits are imposed on
the maximum wear of cylinder liners and state the possible effects on engine
operation if these limits are exceeded.
Discuss the importance- of correct cylinder lubrication in a large
Diesel engine
, explaining the possible consequences of both over- and
Sketch and describe systems using loop and uniflow scavenging. What is
meant by scavenge efficiency ?
What modification of the fuel injection and atomising arrangements may
be found necessary when oil having a high viscosity, such as boiler oil, is
used for fuel?
Describe, with the aid of sketches, the construction of the cross head
guides and columns for a any large 2 stroke slow speed main propulsion engine.
Sketch and describe automatic devices for the under mentioned duties:
(a)    Controlling piston  cooling water temperature,
(b)   Indication of low oil
(c)    Indication of high oil
Discuss the causes, possible associated hazards and lowering of thermal
efficiency consequent on poor combustion in a Diesel engine cylinder.
Illustrate your answer by means of indicator cards.
The amount of oil atomized by the return flow variable
capacity atomizer, used with some automatically fired boilers, is controlled by
the _______________.  
amount of air admitted to the atomizer                     
oil pressure in the oil return line                                 
quantity of oil delivered by the service pump           
proportioning device in the atomizer fuel valve        
Briefly Justify Your Answer
A diesel engine should not be operated at low loads for
long  periods of time because
heavy carbon deposits will buildup on the valves and in
the exhaust           
fuel dilution is increased at low load             
exhaust valves may be damaged                    
all of the above                                              
Briefly Justify Your Answer
The major cause of fuel pump and injection system
problems is _____________.         
improper adjustments                         
contaminated fuel                                          
kinked fuel lines                                             
excessive engine vibration                             
Briefly Justify Your Answer
10.  A
dirty fuel oil filter element can be detected by ________.
visual inspection of the element                                 
the pressure drop across the filter                  
high fuel oil tank temperature                        
increase flow rate from the filter                               
Briefly Justify Your Answer
A main engine liner which was recently overhauled and
its sealing rings renewed, started leaking during the voyage. Write a letter to
the owners suggesting what you propose to do in the next port, to ensure that
such a problem does not reoccur again.
2.      Sketch
the main engine lubricating oil system of a large 2 stroke marine diesel engine
and state the L.O. safety devices on the system.
3.      State
with reason the essential requirement for unattended machinery spaces(UMS).
4.      (a)
Describe briefly the operation of an electrical or hydraulic main engine
(b)   For
the type described indicate how failure can occur and the action to be taken if
immediate correction cannot be achieved and the engine must be operated.
5.      Generally
speaking the foundation of a reciprocating engine must perform three function
(a)    Support
the weight of the engine.
(b)   Maintain
the engine in proper alignment with the driven mechanism.
(c)    Absorb
vibrations produced by unbalanced forces due to reciprocating and revolving
How is the foundation fabricated
to perform all these functions. Suggest any other function, you think it,
performs other than the ones stated above.
6.      Explain
the concept of pH and the significance of its value in boiler water chemical
Suggest, with
reasons, what could cause the pH value in boiler water to reduce:
Rapidly over a short period of time
Gradually over a long period of time.
7.      State
what can be done to continue operation with a turbo-charger having water
leakage into the exhaust gas space. 
8.      Sketch
a simple cross-section through a single stage jacket cooling water centrifugal
pump with a fully shrouded single entry impeller; name the components of the
pump and indicate the  direction of fluid
9.      The
diesel driven life boat engine simply refuses to start after running
perfectly  for a period of half an hour
just before you prepare it to restart again. State just 4 checks you would make
to confirm the cause of this problem.
10.  Excessive
leakage and premature failure of valve packing is a result of ____________.
opening a valve too quickly
jamming a valve in the closed position
low pressure fluid flow through the pipeline
a scored valve stem
Briefly Justify
Your Answer
A large marine diesel main propulsion engines, speed
fluctuates all the time during the voyage. Give a report (in about 200 words)
to the chief engineer explaining the observation of various engine parameters,
during the voyage which could be indication of some fault, causing engine speed
Sketch an Main engine starting air system, used for
a large 2 stroke slow speed engine naming the various components, and fittings
in the system.
3.      A very sudden
rise in pressure during combustion accompanied by  knocking of the unit or detonation  usually occurs
(a)    Near the end of
the pressure rise after ignition of fuel charge.
(b)   Just before the
fuel charge is about to ignite.
(c)    Immediately after
the unit reaches peak pressure and before ignition of fuel charge.
(d)   At any stage of
the combustion process.
Briefly Justify Your Answer.
4.      The main
requirements which a fuel injection system must fulfil are ________________
(a)    accurate metering
of small amount of fuel oil.
(b)   control of
quality of fuel injection
(c)    proper timing of
the fuel injection
(d)   selective
distribution of the fuel in the combustion space.
Discuss each point subsequently state wether
it is appropriate or not.
5.      In any marine
diesel engine, air movements inside a combustion chamber is very important.
Generally speaking, air movement helps
(a)    to distribute the
(b)   to mix it with
(c)    to cool the
cylinder liner
(d)   to help in
optimising liner lubrication
(e)    to assist
(f)    to reduce after
(g)   to reduce
combustion temperatures.
State which of the above points are true or false.
If any point you perceive is false, state why is it so.
6.      An auxiliary
engine under load continuously fluctuates even with a steady load. The fault
you diagnose could be owing to
(a)    the quality of
(b)   the quality of
servicing of the governor in the last port.
(c)    the supply of
charge air
(d)   the overhaul of
fuel injectors done in the last decarbonisation
Discuss each point and give suggestion to
obviate the problem
7.      Describe the
inspection undertaken with respect to your ships main propulsion  engines during a one-day stoppage at a
foreign port after a long period of continuous running.
8.      The diesel driven
emergency generator simply refuses to start after running perfectly  for a period of half an hour just before you
prepare it to restart again. State just 4 checks you would make to confirm the
cause of this problem.
9.      The exhaust
manifold of one of the  generators
engines under load turns red hot. There is no lagging on the manifold. What
efforts would you make to cool down the manifold? State clearly what could be
the causes for such an occurrence.
Explain the possible reasons
for excessive lubricating oil consumption in an auxiliary Diesel engine and
state the danger, which may be associated with this defect.

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