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Previous year questions paper of Marine engineering practice for Class 4B MMD exam- Part 1

In this post I have discussed the questions that were
asked in the Class 4B exam of MMD exam. This is the part 1 of series
dealing with the Marine engineering practice. Answer to these questions will
be available shortly. It is very important to have a look of the
questions that are asked in the previous year’s exam papers. If you have any
suggestions related to these questions, please write in the comment box below
this article. 

Marine engineering practice subject papers for Class 4B MMD exam

Function: Maintenance & Repair at Management Level
1.      The emergency
bilge suction
is frozen stuck in open position. State a written procedure to
the support staff how you would go about overhauling it, and then test its
2.      The flexible
coupling of a vertical mounted F.W. pump is worn out and you have no spares.
Suggest some alternative measures giving appropriate sketches of making the
pump work, so that you can make portwith such an emergency arrangement.
3.      What material is
used in laminates made of fibre reinforced plastic? What tests are generally
carried out on such laminates?
4.      Write short note
on the following:
(a)     metal-locking                 (c) Brazing
(b)    TIG and MIG
welding   (d) Soldering
5.      A particular
auxilliary engine crankpin bearing keeps getting scored every time it is opened
up for overhauling possibly because of one or all of the following:
(1) Poor handling                 (4) Mis-aligned bearing
(2) Bad lubrication               (5) Severe bearing load
(3) Poor bearing material     (6) Excessive bearing clearance.
Give an appropriate answer with adequate
6.      A lube oil cooler
is suspected to be leaking. Suggest some methods of identifying the leaky tubes
and measures to rectify these at sea, without resorting to tube renewal.
7.      A main air
compressor has its bursting disc on the intercooler regularly blowing off. If
there were no more spares on board, what emergency measures would you suggest
to keep the air compressor working?
8.      When carrying out
welding in the engine room of a tanker, in case of an emergency, what specific
precautions you would take if the:
(a)    Tanker was fully
loaded with crude oil.
(b)   Tanker was fully
loaded with vegetable oil
(c)    Tanker was partly
loaded with kerosene
(d)   Tanker is in dry
9.      A single forged
shaft for a small gear pump is broken in the middle. Suggest some emergency
repairs to the shaft to enable run the pump. State what form of repair and how
you would carry out the repair? What is the most viable alternative to repair
if no spares are available?
10.  Two electric
cables of 440V, 50A capacity are to be joined. Suggest some cable types and
joining methods which are considered safe reliable and most efficient.
A non-return globe valve spindle is frozen in place and
in jammed shut position. Suggest a step by step procedure of freeing the
spindle and making the valve operational.
The cylinder head tightening nuts of a particular unit
on a large two stroke marine diesel engine cylinder head are to be opened.
Suggest a procedure for slackening the nuts with special emphasis on markings,
torque on spanner, opening procedure etc.
Sketch and describe any two types of welding joints
used for joining ship side hull plates. State the types of electrodes used.
Write short notes on the methods of arresting a pinhole
leak on a
(A) Steam
(B)  Hot
water line
(C)  Compressed
air line
(D) Low
pressure freon line
What is a function of the wearing rings used in most
centrifugal pumps?
(A) Absorb
erosion of high velocity discharge stream.
(B)  Seal
pump shaft against entry of air.
(C)  Isolate
the discharge side from the suction side.
(D) Dampen
the turbulent discharge flow.
Briefly Justify
your Answer.
A reciprocating air compressor as an example is running
roughly and vibrating excessively, possibly indicating that the foundation
bolts are loose. How would each of the following conditions be indicated in
specific cases where the……..
(A) compressor
is overloaded
(B)  motor
is overloaded
(C)  belts
are too tight
Increasing the moisture content of conditioned air is
known as humidification. How is de humidification achieved? Suggest some
humidity values in the comfort zone.
What would be the indications and the effects of a
compressor running under the following conditions
(A) Excessive
operating hours without carrying out preventive maintenance,
(B)  Running
with an air filter element different from that required by the original
manufacturer’s specifications
(C)  The
compressor running hot.
(D) excessive
discharge pressure causing relief valves to blow.
A grease lubricated ball bearing or roller bearing will
run cooler if the grease _____________.
(A) fills
only 10% of all void spaces within the bearing
(B)  has
a high grease penetration number
(C)  is
thinned with a suitable lubricating oil
(D) is
heated prior to packing the bearing
Briefly Justify
your Answer.
20.  The
gasket and the broken studs have been replaced on a tank manhole cover. Which
of the following methods is satisfactory for testing the repair?
(A) Pressurize
the tank with 0.5 kg/cm2 air, soap the repaired area, watch for
visible signs of leakage or bubbles.
(B)  Fill
the tank with water via the ballast pump until the ullage reading corresponds
to the maximum depth of the tank.
(C)  Hose
test the repaired area with a minimum of 7 kg/cm2 water pressure.
(D) Fill
the tank via the ballast pump until water flows from the vent line opening on
Briefly Justify
your Answer.

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