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Benefits of Taking Your Wife On Ship

So you have made your plan to take your wife with you on ship. Let’s read about what benefits you get while doing so.
The best thing about ship life is that, your partner can be part of your profession and can be with you all time. In this post we have compiled some of the benefits that you get, even when you never thought about those.

Why Taking Your Wife at Sea was Awesome Choice

Let see them on by one:

No Worries about family

Now since your wife is with you, 70% tension of yours is gone. She will be there to love you and listen to your talks. Far from land and crowd and at a peaceful place, so romantic isn’t it.
wife and family on ship

The food

Since she is there, she can make good thing for you. Although ships are loaded with the entire kitchen (Galley) stuff, but still, some things lacks, may be the touch of a woman. So, be ready to taste and eat the best food.

That Awesome Morning and Evening Walk

Well seafarers are blessed with something called as true sunset and sunrise. You can gulp good cup of coffee or tea, in front of the sun. It is really worth doing.

The changed Atmosphere at sea

When a woman is on the ship, the atmosphere is changed a lot. Not because people get to see sexy lady there. But, because of the presence of women substance. It really happens, people those have or had women on ship must have experience the same.

She is life of the party

Her presence fills the void space on ship parties like Barbeques and all. And if she is good in dancing or singing, oh my god! The day is ours. That adds life in to the party and new ideas that flow in are always awesome.

The little helps, that matter a Lot

I still remember that I had one chief officer at sea, and her wife used to attend  some of the alarms (Not serious ones), while he was busying with charts and routes.
wife and family on ship

No Lonely Sign Offs Or Sign In

This is worse thing about travelling from the ship or to the ship. You don’t company in the journey till your home. If she is there, then surely you have a company.

No Single Shore Leaves

Well if she is there, she might have already made plans as where to go on the next shore leave. You don’t need to find or search for your colleagues, she is always there.

The awesome tea or coffee or lemonades

I still remember I had one Indian officer and his wife used to cook best Tea in the world. I mean for me, that best day was having that tea. Plus, she was good in making mock-tails and lemonades as well.
So this was all about this post on Benefits of taking Your Wife or Spouse On Ship.
Mark Eriscson
Love to write about topics related to maritime sector. Was born in sailor's family, so love to ride on those high seas. In free time i would like to go for a good sunbath and some soothing guitar music. Want to have my own boat one day.

2 Replies to “Benefits of Taking Your Wife On Ship

  1. Yes, it’s good to have wife nearby but in today’s era carrying the spouse has become a big legal and logistical circus as first you have to have Visas of tens of countries.

    Then the companies charge unrealistic money in name of charges.

    The wife would like to have some independence on ship, like that for Galley to cook sometimes for her taste, but is not always feasible.

    So you may consider on witting about flip side as well.

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