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Ship Safety and Environment Protection Question Bank For MEO Class 4B Written

In this post I have discussed questions that are
asked in the Class 4B exam of MMD. This is the part 15 of series
dealing with the Ship Safety and Environment Protection. Answer to these
questions will be available shortly. It is very important to have a
look of the questions that are asked in the previous year’s exam papers. Let’s
have a look at these questions.

Questions Bank of Ship Safety and Environment Protection for Class 4B MMD exam
1.      Give
a note (of about 250 words) on how you would take sounding of a Double Bottom
on the Port aft of a ship and correctly calculate the amount of oil in the
2.      State
the various types of pollution, that can be caused owing to a ships stores,
supplies, equipment, emission, cargo, etc. and the regulations they would be
listed  under MARPOL 73/78 with annexes.
3.      Portable
carbon dioxide fire extinguishers must be recharged _____________.
A.    when
the remaining charge volume is less than 90% of the required volume
B.     at
each biennial inspection
C.     at
each annual inspection
D.    when
the remaining charge weight is 10% less than the required weight
Briefly Justify Your Answer
4.      Which
of the following conditions represents a particular advantage of using a
pressure demand type self-contained breathing apparatus in an atmosphere that
is immediately dangerous to life or health?
A.    The
positive pressure in the face piece prevents contaminated air from entering the
B.     The
average operating time for most air cylinders is over an hour.
C.     The
equipment used is lightweight and easy to wear by reducing physical strain on
the wearer.
D.    The
equipment is compact and the wearer can work in confined spaces without
Briefly Justify Your Answer
Which of the following procedures is the generally
accepted method of determining whether the atmosphere within a cargo tank is
over rich, explosive, or too lean to support combustion?
Use the open flame test on a small sample that has been
taken from the tank.
Send a gas sample ashore for laboratory analysis.
Enter the tank with a teledyne oxygen analyzer.
Use an explosimeter.
Briefly Justify Your Answer
Which of the firefighting foams listed would require
the mechanical mixing of air and foam concentrate?
Protein foam
Synthetic and alcohol foams
Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF)
All of the above
Briefly Justify Your Answer
If you have to abandon ship, and enter a liferaft, your
main course of action should be to ________________.
remain in the vicinity of the sinking vessel
head for the closest land
head for the closest sea-lanes
get a majority opinion
Briefly Justify Your Answer
In the absence of external forces, the center of
gravity of a floating vessel is located directly above the ___________.
center of flotation
geometric center of the displaced volume
Briefly Justify Your Answer
To avoid excessive electrostatic effect in the crude
oil washing process, due to the presence of water in the crude oil washing
fluid, the contents of any tank to be used as a source of crude oil for washing
must first reduce a portion of the tank contents by a vertical height equal to
one-half meter
one meter
one and one-half meters
two meters
Briefly Justify Your Answer
10.  A
fuel/air mixture below the lower explosive limit is too ______________.
rich to burn
lean to burn
cool to burn
dense to burn
11.      Sketch
a bilge oil separator with controls and alarm.
12.      With
reference to the carriage and pumping of liquefied gas cargo, state how the
risk of fire and explosion in cargo tanks is obviated both in the loaded and
discharged condition.
13.      In
the event of a failure of the main electrical power supply on a ship, an
emergency source of power must be available. 
State the circuits which must be fed from such a source.       
mechanical ventilation shutdown is required for CO2 systems
protecting the _____________.
machinery spaces
cargo compartments
living quarters
(d)   galley
Justify Your Answer
15.      Describe
the routine testing required for self-contained breathing apparatus Sets.
16.      Sketch
the following three detection heads, and for each give a brief description of
their operation.
(a)     Rate of air temperature rise detector.
(b)    Flame detector.
(c)     Fixed temperature fire detector of the
quartzoid bulb sprinkler type.
17.      With
regard to the roll motion of a ship in a seaway, Discuss the basic principles
of roll damping utilised in the following anti-roll systems:
(a)    Bilge
(b)   Activated
(c)    Passive
roll damping tanks.                                                                
(d)   Passive
controlled roll damping tanks.                                                          
18.      With reference to centrifugal pumps, explain
the relevance of discharge characteristic for the selection of an emergency
Fire  pump.     
19.      If
a cup of oil is spilled during bunkering in port which causes a sheen upon the
water it _____________.
must be reported to the National fire department
must be reported to the Coast Guard
must be reported to the harbormaster or its anti
pollution wing
need not be reported since the spill was less than 250
inform IOC / BP / HP
Briefly Justify
your Answer
20.  As a precaution
against oil spills
when topping off fuel tanks, you should _____________.
close the deck filling valve to reduce the pumping rate
close all tank vents to prevent overflow
fill the tank to the bottom of the expansion trunk
notify the shore pumping station to reduce the pumping
rate as tanks near full capacity
Justify your Answer.

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