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Read: These Natural Things Happens Only At Sea

Sailing is not just about how to spend your time indulged in the hobbies or the things that you like; it’s also about how to develop new hobbies and passions that the ocean has to offer. Reading a book, music, cooking, spending time all sounds good but what sounds amazing is that you observe a new gorgeous scene every day. How many times have you woken up at home or on vacations to look out of the window and find different scene almost every day? My guess is not twice!! But while on sailing, you can experience this first hand whilst indulging in all your other hobbies as well; isn’t that amazing?!!!!

Happens Only At Sea

Rains and rainbows: yes I agree we all have seen that even at home, but have you seen rain happening right in front of you but you and your ship is completely dry? And sometimes it’s just a spell of rain for like 2 minutes. Again sometimes the rain is happening on left side of the ship and the right side is sunny. That’s when the most beautiful and colourful of all nature’s gift appear: a rainbow. Sometimes it is half, faint or unclear but if you are lucky then you might see a full rainbow or a double rainbow as well. Keep a lookout always for a sudden change in weather.rainbow at sea, sea

Clouds formation: Look out for the various types of cottony, woolly clouds that form in the sky: white, grey, black colored. See their formation from a clear sky to sudden cloud cover sometimes covering the whole sky and sometimes giving sun some space to tear them apart and trying to come out. Be ready with your camera as the rays of sun try to fight their ways out. You will not get this scenery anywhere else apart from vast ocean. Well enough written,this phenomenon for me is beyond words.clouds

Sunrises and sunsets: Aaah!! That’s the only word that comes to my mind when I try to visualize sunrises and sunsets seen in my whole time of sailing. Being a wife of Chief Officer, I get the sunrise sunset watches and at ocean they just melt your heart. Sometimes they are accompanied by clouds which make the scene, before scene and after scene so much more gorgeous. Do experience this if that means you have to ask your husband to leave things and come up with you on the bridge. If the sky is clear then you are lucky but if there are clouds are the right time and at the right places, it is magical!!sunset at sea, sea, sailor

The waves: Yes you can’t ignore the fact that waves do give ocean a new make up every day. That’s what so spectacular about them that they change the scene sometimes in just some hours. Some days they are violent rolling you here and there with gushes of waves forming and falling foaming up the water and sometimes it is so calm that the ocean appears like a mirror and you float on a glass surface. It’s phenomenal to see this sudden change in one sail itself.waves

Sea Fauna: Off course this is the one that really steals your heart away and makes an everlasting memory in your brain. Dolphins, whales, tunas, sea lions, sea gulls all in the middle of the ocean is a look to die for. Keep your cameras and your eyes set on ready mode as these beauties tend to disappear on a blink. Check for the waves and ripples created by your ship as they like to come and play with them or the bow. If it is safe and you have the chance then go to forecastle to see them playing with the water there.dolphins at sea, sea, sailor

Fog and snow: the visibility of the ship is almost zero and you have nothing to see or explore, what do you do? You get out on the bridge wing and let the fog touch your skin, feel the purity in the air and freshness in the breeze. Take in the light air and enjoy the scene as if you are covered with clouds.

Although I personally myself has never experienced snow in my sailing time but by seeing pictures I can only feel chill and fun is in the air. If you get this phenomenon, make sure you make the most of it and click lots of pics and make memories!!

Dr Vinita Vashist
Being married to a sailor, loves to write and share the thoughts and experiences on behalf of all the queens. Some day would love to have my passport full of stamps from around the world. In my free time i enjoy music and experimenting in the kitchen. Being a Professional Maritime Blogger, I enjoy writing every bit of it.

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