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Emergency Restraining Order on Maersk? Details Inside

Global Container Terminal (GCT) wants an immediate emergency restraining order on Maersk. GCT and Maersk had a contract to operate in this terminal of Staten Island. But with contract not over, Maersk wants to move to the terminal which is owned by APM Terminal, in New Jersey. Maersk agreed to $5.5 million dollars to GCT as compensation of breaching the contract early.

But GCT does not agree with world biggest container liner and decided to move to the court and wants court to put a restraining order so that Maersk does not move out. As per the news, Maersk is breaking the contract 19 months before actual date. Though they offered compensation, GCT does not agree with this.
APM Terminals is Maersk Sister company and a pioneer in the container lifting and port management.
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