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MEO Class 4B Motor Function Oral Questions-Part 1

Get to
know about the questions that are asked in the meo class 4b oral exam of motor
function. This function is also called as 4B function. The full name of this is
maintenance and Repair at Operational Level.

Class 4B Motor Oral Questions

Q1)  Brief discussion on electric propulsion and
why high voltage is used on ships, with proper answers.
1.Two part
of a piston. Draw it and what are the advantages.
2.What is
the use of tie rod . Draw and show components of forces and how tie rod is
3.Types of
bearings used on ships.
between crankcase oil of 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Name of the oil we used
to have onboard.
high lift safety valve-improvements, compression ring, nut, materials etc.
type of ship you sailed in.
7) LNG
carrier so with electric propulsion system so he asked me about the propulsion
motors and entire system with converters, gas combustion units.
8) Working
of DFE. How much pilot fuel is injected per cycle and in total? And plus some
cross questions.

oral questions

Advantages of electric propulsion with DFE.
and alarms on MAC.
11) Types
of pumps in steering gear system. Working of radial piston pump.
12) Blow
down pressure in safety valve and controlling.
13) You
have noticed one crank case door of m/e hot. What will be your action as a
watch keeping engineer-Just tell the sequence wise.
Scavenge temp high, what all checks you do?
15) which
type pump we use in boiler feed pump why? How balancing is achieved?
16) Air
compressor taking more time to fill air bottle? What could be the reason?
17) Which
type of steering has you in your ship? Can we have 2 ram system? Regulation for
having 2 ram system? How you steer ship if one ram cylinder leaking?
18) VIT,
how it works, how connected to the engine/governor? Advance and late injection,
Value of ignition delay.
19)  Reason for Black and blue exhaust gas.
20)  Type of Boiler. Why EGB is not used at low
load. Effect if exhaust temp is low.
21)  Type of steering gear. How steer the ship
when one Ram is defective?
Compressor – Why drains are provided in it?

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all from this post on oral questions.
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