meo class 2 document checklist
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MEO Class 2 Document Checklist

Following Documents Are Required For MEO CLASS 2 Part A Exemption & Part B Examination and Assessment. Copy of Each Document must be Self Attested and be arranged in the Following Sequence. You are required to bring original certificates as well for verification.

MEO CLASS 2 Document Checklist

1. Copy of CDC including relevant pages of sea service
2. Copy of Passport (1st and last page) – call other pages if required
3. Copy of INDOS Certificate pertaining to Engineering Category
4. Copy of MEO Class IV Certificate of Competency
5. Original Sea Services letter issued by the Owner of the Vessel/ RPSL (Addressed to PO, MMD concerned)
6. Copy of Sea Service Testimonials, Indicating Article Time and propelling time
7. Copy of Article of Agreement (Only for Indian Flag Vessels)/ Form 3A
8. Copy of Preparatory Course
9. Printout of Seafarers Profile to be returned after verification.
10. Copy of valid Medical Fitness Certificate form DGS Approved Doctor

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11. Evidence of Fees Paid.
15 Original of STCW Course as follows:

Copy of Engine Room Simulator course
FPFF AND AFF Refresher
PSSR Refresher v. SSO or STSDSD
Medical First Aid valid within 5 years

So these are the documents you will require for the assessment before the exam. MEO Class 2 Document Checklist can be shared among friends. Make sure that you have a scanned copy of the same. This is just to safeguard in case you lose your documents. Keep your e-samudra profile updated all the time and same can be done by visiting this link. All documents details to be entered in this and master checker should also be updated all the time.

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