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MSC Sued in US under Helms Burton Act: Details Inside

Helms Burton Act extended the territorial application of the initial ban to apply to overseas companies trading with Cuba, and penalized foreign companies allegedly “trafficking” in property formerly owned by U.S. citizens but confiscated by Cuba after the Cuban revolution. MSC is involved in cargo operations at the Cuba’s Port of Mariel was sued by […]

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Maersk Sold Its Container Manufacturing Business to Chinese Firm

Maersk have planned to divest its container manufacturing business to China International Marine Containers Ltd. (CIMC). Maersk Container Industry (MCI) is expert when it comes to making reefer containers and was making the same for so many for Maersk and other business. Since Denmark based is now shifting its goal to fully focus on only […]

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Eligibility Criteria For Merchant Navy-All Courses

Eligibility Criteria For Merchant Navy All Courses is mentioned in this article. It will help all the budding aspirants which are planning to join merchant navy. Topics That Are Covered In This Article are: Eligibility Criteria for Merchant Navy Marine Engineering Course -4 YEARS Eligibility Criteria for Merchant Navy B.Sc. (Nautical Science)-  3 YEAR Eligibility […]

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Corona Update: MARINA welcomes home 327 stranded Filipino seafarers

Good news for the people of Philippines as 327 Filipino Seafarers who were stranded in two ships namely Costa Diadema and Costa Victoria safely came home back home. The crew was brought back from ITALY. Following organizations played a key role in bringing back the stranded Filipino seafarers around the world. The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) […]

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Marine Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

Learn about marine centrifugal purifiers working, theory related to their working and about the new ALCAP principal that is used nowadays. Purifiers are one of the most essential machinery on board. Being high precision equipment, it becomes very important to be well versed with the principles of operations. Purifiers are often attributed to cause sleepless […]