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How to Take Over Watch or Handover

How to take over watch is being discussed in this article, where we will mention the tips and important things to consider while taking over watch. This will be good for UMS watch and manned engine watches. Same is true for bridge or cargo watch.

Doing a good watch on ship keeps lot of problem away. If regular and careful watch is maintained, lot of problems and miss communication can be easily avoided. Such can be possible if you take a good watch handover from the previous person and then follow up on that. For example it is wise to get knowledge during cargo operation as how much it has been done and any issues till now.

Take over Watch- The better way to do

During Sailing

1)     Come early to your watch by 10 minutes. This is a good gesture and also puts the other person at ease. You will get good time for handover.

2)     Read the standing instructions of the senior officer.

3)     First go through the event log and don’t be in a haste to send of the person to rest. Going through the log will give a thorough knowledge about the events that have taken place. In UMS watches go through the event log.

4)     Ask about the any schedule change of the ship or any alarm they might have got. Also any machinery or transfer they have done during their watch. Or any machinery which isolated or needs isolation.

5)     Ask about any alarm that has come and action that previous watch keeping officer have taken.

6)     Confirm about the status of bilges both engine room and cargo holds.

During Port

1)     Confirm about the cargo operation that have been carried out and how much is remaining. Also know about the ETD.

2)     Make sure that you read the standing orders of the senior officer, and you understand whatever is written in that. It becomes very important as it eliminates any kind miscommunication.

3)     What work has been planned for this port stay?

4)     Confirm about the generator which are running and also the fuel system.

5)     Know about the people who might sign off or sign on. Also about the provisions. Should get information about the people available in their watch for work.

6)     As an engineer you should confirm about the spares that might come and how much work force you will have for that. Or also for bunker operations that will take place.

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