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MARINA gives 6 months extension to all certificates

Maritime Industry Authority, Philippines have extended the validity of all STCW documents concerning to seafarers to 6 months. Seafarers whose documents are expiring in the month from 1st June to 30th June will have 6 months more validity from the date of Issue.
For Example: If Expiry of your license is 7th June 2020, then your license will be valid till 7th December 2020. And for this you don’t have to apply for any extra application at MARINA.

This is certainly a good news for those who wish to join ship or those who are on ship. As they have got another 6 months free extension. But one thing to be noted here, when you renew your license next time, your validity extension will be given from the date which was originally mentioned in the certificate.

Manning agencies have to send reports of all the seafarers who will join ship with such extensions to MARINA.

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