Laura Maersk To Go For Repairs
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Laura Maersk To Go For Repairs In New Jersey After Turbocharger Explosion

We are aware that Laura Maersk sustained heavy damage to the propulsion system when main engine turbocharger exploded. In this, one crew member was injured as well, who was then airlifted and was sent to shore further treatment. Seafarer is out of danger and is recovering well after he sustained second degree burns. As a new update ship will be taken to the Port Elizabeth (New Jersey) for further repairs related to the turbocharger. It will take approximately 2 weeks to carry out such repairs. The cargo onboard will be taken by another sister ship as the Laura Maersk Schedule now is not as per the original plan.

Vessel is being towed to the destination port and will be reaching on Thursday this week. All members are safe as per comments from company representative. So far true reasons of such explosion have not come out, so we have to wait as what actually happened out there which resulted in such a big failure. Turbochargers are high speed machines and to be dealt with extreme caution.

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