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She left Job At Google! Her Story to sea

Like most seafarer wives I was very exicited to go on ship, I enjoyed every moment it became best life experience ever beside being sea sick.
My skin glows when I stay with him, of course my husband’s love, but it’s mainly because of healthy lifestyle, you eat on time.. breath fresh air, you can exercise & most of all you have time to rest ( No grocery shopping, nothing to do ) And every day I have seen beautiful sunrises, night views etc.
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The ship was like home to me and  whenever we anchored on port, it was vacation time for all travelling, trying different kind of  cuisine, meeting people from different nationalities. I truly found bliss in my life not every person get a chance to live like seafarer’s life, I attended and enjoyed every events like parties, get together, games etc even I cooked several times for everyone, I feel changed in me after sailing, I know its great for a women to have a successful career, but what matters in the end is that if you are happy & healthy !! I quite my job for being with him. Every second person asked same thing ” Why you left google “? Look Its difficult to maintain a full time career along with being a seafarer wife. I left because I won’t continue. Besides I choose to lead happy and more comfortable life just travelling with my husband And In shaa Allah I ll try to be with him in his upcoming contracts and I am glad to give up a career to be his better half but yes there is one thing very special and I am planning for that and I know I will achieve that soon _ In shaa Allah

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