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APL Pays $40,000 for Captain Bail in Container Ship Incident

APL England had lost 40+ containers into sea during rough weather near the Australian coast. After investigation was setup in this case by the Local Authority AMSA, it was found that the securing arrangements for containers on ship were not properly maintained, leading to loss of cargo and subsequent pollution. Master was found to be responsible for this and case was registered in the local court.

Reportedly APL management paid $40000 for the Captain Bail, so that he can return to his homeland and continue work. On the other hand, court had asked owners to clean the mess created by loss of cargo. Around 15 containers have been found and but 35 still remains in sea. Though the case is still not closed, captain will have to come again for next hearing later at the end of the year. In the mean time owners has to bear all expenses to clean up the mess, which to be carried out on the priority basis.

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