Cruise Lines to Keep Operation Shut Till 31st July
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Major Cruise Lines to Keep Operation Shut Till 31st July

Two major cruise lines Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines have confirmed that they will keep their operations shut till 31st July. After corona outbreak, all cruise lines shut their operations and the focus was shifted to repatriation of crew members to their home. In the first quarter of 2020, cruise lines have faced a serious loss as the whole cruise industry came crashing after corona outbreak. As per the official at the RC, the bookings for 2021 have shown slight increase, but still the losses occurred every month due to no operation worldwide are quite high. $590 million to $610 million is what the interest RC is paying to the bank every month. Norwegian Cruise Lines have also shown similar signals regarding resuming services. But RC is keeping the Chinese part services open.
Due to such situation many crew members have lost their jobs with no relief nearby for them. Above the condition remains unclear as when operations will start. Personal Prevention and Protection is better than lockdowns.

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