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13 Sailors Who Recovered Again Tests Positive For Covid-19

USS Theodore Roosevelt started to embark sailors again on the ship after all of the sailors finished their quarantine period. But during check 13 sailors who tested negative two times after they recovered from covid-19 disease, showed positive results. Called as relapsed cases, they have been again put in isolation and also the people who came in contact with them. USS Theodore Roosevelt had a terrible corona outbreak in the month of March when out of 4100 sailors onboard, 1100 were found to be infected by the virus.  The embarkation on the ship has been delayed by another week by US Navy. Medical team still investigating as how this unusual phenomenon happened with this virus. The ship is in the naval base in Guam. This kind of situation puts the whole idea of treatment and then getting cured to a question! Well in rest of the part of the world, there are cases where a person does not even show any kind of symptoms related to the corona virus. There are no clear evidences as why these things are happening around the world related to the COVID-19.

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