June 15 Deadline For Crew Change
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June 15 Deadline For Crew Change is Over, So what’s Next?

Last month, as we all are aware that various unions around the world gave a deadline to all member states and related parties regarding crew changes. In this last one month we have seen some crew changes taking place, but mostly nothing in terms of what we expected. Or maybe this is the best you can expect for the people who are –Forgotten Army at Sea. While Sailors and their family members pour their hearts across all social media platforms, they are mostly spam in the eyes of concerned authorities. Here we will not talk about various governments across the globe, because that’s what not required here. We are still fighting for seafarers to get a ‘Key Workers Status’ (Claps from behind).

Still there is no concrete plan as how more than 2,00,000 seafarers who are stranded at sea will be brought back. On the other hand, due to lockdown so many seafarers are not able to renew their documents, so they cannot join ships. And financial instability is to impact them a lot.
The fact is, more the delay is, the situation will keep on getting worse every day! Due to limited ports opened for crew changes, all the pressure comes to them and they are evening closing crew changes for some time as Colombo did few days back. The ordeal started in March, still there and nothing much have happened.

So what’s next we have? Another deadline? Or may be seafarers can be taught a lesson that hey! You are seafarers right, you are supposed to be there for more than 1 year! OR ON LAND, hey you earn pretty good; you don’t need to join ship for next 1 year. But deep down the people, who are connected to FORGOTTEN ARMY AT SEA, know that things are in critical phase. Things are much worse inside, than they appear outside. Period.
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