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Crew of a Bulk Carrier Gives $1200 for Corona Relief- Details Inside

As we are aware about the ongoing corona epidemic, and its devastating effects on the human race. While everything has shutdown in most part of the world, some people are finding difficult to meet their everyday requirement.
In a recent event, Crew of bulk carrier MV LINDA DREAM, gave $1200 to help a group which supplies food and basic supplies to the stranded seaman. The name of the group which is Seafarer’s Wife Diaries PH Covid-19 project “Pa Rice and Dish for Stranded Seamen”.
Here is the official link to the page: Seafarer’s Wife Diaries PH
These contributions are surely helping all of us to come out of these difficult times. At our personal level we can also give support to those who are in need. We need to help animal also, who are out of food, due to lock down.

Note: This is only information purpose only. don’t have relation with above group. We don’t have any group. Readers Discretion advised

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