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Top Must Watch Movies for Sailors

Entertainment and fun has a long relationship with the seaman or seafarers. And when it comes to movies for sailors, some of them actually depicts what it likes to be part of merchant navy. It is indeed true, that movie inspires a large part of society, and may be this is the reason why people attracted to them. And who knows how much these movies, which are mentioned below, would have attracted people towards them and made them to join the profession called as ‘Merchant Navy’.

Movies for Sailors

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Film Poseidon

This Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas starrer movie was really good. Story involves a Cruise Liner who while passing through the Atlantic Ocean was turned 180 degrees upside down, by huge wave. Latter in the movie it shows how some group of survivors managed to get out of the ships which will definitely going to sink. It is good movie, which shows what those bunch of survivors do to get out the ship.


Everybody would have seen this movie. The simple yet well crafted story line up, with acting skills of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet made this a epic movie of all time. Well lot of credit goes to the James Cameron. The way he showed the real life accident with medley of love story into it, is surely something which made him to be a high figure in the movie industry. Some say, this movie made them cry, on other hand for some it was a great piece of well managed story line up with the story of real ship, being drowned. This is still the best movie, with the best song ever
‘Every night in my Dream’.

Pirates of Caribbean

Nothing can beat this series when it comes to showing the way pirates used to operate in the past time. For the whole lot of generation who have only heard about the pirates (Not the present one), this movie certainly led their imagination to a true sense. For all of us, these four movies, under one name, glued us. Johnny Depp exceptional character play can be to some extent be the reason of why this movie was so good.
1        The Curse of the Black Pearl
2       Dead Man’s Chest
3       At World’s Ends
4       On Stranger Tides
Action packed fiction was truly good, with a mysterious story that kept us gazed towards to it. Must for those who are planning to have a career out there.

The Perfect Storm

This movie was more sort of based on the event that every floating vessel would have faced in her life time. Geroge Clooney starrer movie to some extent was able to raise the hair of people. He and his team went to the sea, to capture fish as their previous catch was less. On the way back to shore, they got trapped between the two storms. The movie tried to shows the actual event that might unfold, when you are confronted by a bad weather. What happened in the end is what you have to watch.

Ghost Ship

That who like the horror movies, and interested to see the ship part, then this is for you. We personally liked this movie, as the climax and the way movie precedes are really good. From the starting to end, this will keep you stick to the plot and nowhere boring. Don’t worry you won’t see any horrible faces as you see in other horror movies.

Captain Phillips

The recent in the list, but the one which is based on the true event related to the piracy activity in today modern world. Tom Hanks, pulled it off really great. As it was based on the true incident, everybody knew the ending, but the way movie was directed was really good. It is must for those who are joining the ship. Everybody who belonged to the world of shipping would have seen it. Movie precisely shows the events that might happen in actual day scenario if pirates attack the merchant vessel. Movie is based on the true incident of piracy on ‘Maersk Alabama’.

So these were the movies that we think is quite good. If you liked reading this ‘Movies based on the Ship’; please share and comment below.

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