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Read: Guide for Getting Sea Job Easily

Getting a sea job is not a Cake walk as it used to be in the earlier times. Things have changed pretty differently from the last 5 years. Well the reason can be endless but, lot of competition, low market etc are some of the prime reasons for it. Everybody from onshore, to people who are working on ship are finding it difficult to get jobs. And even if they are getting it, there are lots of
negotiations involved.
While the sea job for people who are at higher ranks are easy, but the market is still flooded with junior ranks. Plus, to some extent the advent of agents in the market, is actually to some extent worsening the situation-fresher are mostly affected by it. But here are some of the approaches that will help you to get a ship.

Using the Power of Internet to get the sea job

First make sure that you are registered to many sea job sites. Yes you might have tried doing so by registering yourself to the various sea job sites, but still no job for you!!!!. There is no doubt that these job sites are helping people to connect with the companies, but still there are lots of companies who are not listed on those job portals. See one thing is certain; there are so many ships all around the world, so manpower is always required. Secondly those people are not always working, so there is always and constant need of people who will replace them.
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Just make a list of companies whom you are interested in sailing with. They all have their contact details on their website. Give one day to it, and definitely you will have 50 mail addresses or more. Now Take out the time and write good email and send it to those email address. Surely 60-70% won’t respond, but 30 % will definitely. Try it every day. Ask them in the mail that whether they have any type of entrance exam for the fresher or Junior Ranks.

Make Your Resume Best for Sea Job

Since your resume tells the company everything about, it is imperative that what you write in it is easily understandable and straight to the point. For students this is very necessary to show their academic performance and what extra they have done in their college time.
For those who have already sailed, it is better to write the ships you have sailed and also which type, with the duration of sailing.

Be Ready for Different Ship

There are some additional courses needed for some ships like tankers, chemical tankers. So, be ready with all the courses and documents. Sometimes companies are always looking for people for particular ship urgently. So if you are not having documents as per that ship, you lost your job already.

The power of Social Media for Finding Jobs

Join different Facebook, twitter groups. Most of the time people share different openings in various shipping companies. They are quite helpful. You are not going anywhere, everything is coming at your screen, so it better to increase your social presence in the market. More you communicate, more you get to know about different things.

Visit the Offices for getting sea job

Well this is the hard part, but if you visit various shipping company offices, you might end up in one, where you will get a job or some information regarding the future openings. Emails are not always looked by various companies human resource department. So, by physically going there, you are making your presence. There might be lot of turn downs, but there is always a hope.

Keep Yourself Prepared for Job Interview

Don’t stop studying, just because you are not giving interviews. Keep on increasing your knowledge and honing your communication skills. You never know from where you will get the entrance test date or interview call. So be ready.
For those who are planning to settle onshore, they need to study some management level courses that are needed on the land job, so make sure that you have all the qualifications related to the field. Read this: How can I Join Merchant Navy?

For fresher, don’t turndown small offers

There are many people out in the market who refuses to work for some small company or particular type of ship. Well when you are fresher, try to see opportunity in everything. Keep in mind that, when you get experience, you are getting out of the crowd, which don’t have one. So, your chances of getting job are much higher next time.

Keep yourself Busy

In the mean time, you can do some other works like study, or some part time jobs. There is no benefit of sitting or lying at home. Start doing something.Now!!!

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