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I Have Come A Long Way: Must Read Poem From A Queen

Read this interesting poem about life of a Sailors Queen, as she describes her life till now in a form of poem.

I have come a long way!
A girl born premature and at home
Looked like a battered creature with no hope
No one thought that I’d see any summers
Except for the young mom who believed in her prayers
I have come a long way!
Survive I did, and survive how
It’s so difficult to even imagine it now
Teeth didn’t show up till I was well over one
Didn’t even crawl, but got up and walked at two!
Speech was delayed even beyond,
I have come a long way!
Started to talk at almost three
After that never kept anyone free
Didn’t start with small words
But had full speech, filling up my parent’s world
I have come a long way!
Everyone’s pet and a symbol of hope for the family
They called me Laxmi, apt for a princess who struggled
Named after the great queen of Jhansi,
The lady who dared and fought for all
I have come a long way!
School was fun, I shone like a star
Parent’s pride and teacher’s pet
I was looked up as a good bet
Topped the class and lead like a leader
I have come a long way!
I was different, never followed any rat race
Thought out of the box and did what no one would
Pursued a course that was new
Haven’t looked back and hopes ever renewed
I have come a long way!
Worked with a dream company
Could see my way to the top,
But left it there and followed my heart
Started to teach and train
I have come a long way!
Did all that I had to, to equip myself
With the right knowledge, skill and attitude
Studied while I worked
Never ceasing to express my gratitude
I have come a long way!
Could’ve had a cozy life away in another country
But backed out at the right moment
Walking away from a relationship that’d cage me
I have come a long way!
Got busy, loving my work and empowering others
Didn’t know how time flew altogether
Met a man, who was destined to be mine
Wedding bells rang at 29
I have come long way!
New life brought changes galore
Had to start all afresh
An arranged marriage, being a mom too soon
To add to this, was a job all new
I have come a long way!
Time flew while I moved to and fro
The elder one then got a new bro
Sailor hubby was out at sea
Me juggling all my plates, was the key
I have come a long way!
Kids are older, work settled
Heart still asks for more
There’re opportunities galore
Life is a beauty indeed
I have come a long way!
From a girl, whose survival was a question
To a lady who counsels others to live
From a girl, who couldn’t speak
To someone who’s a voice for many
I have come a long way!

Prof. Laxmi Todiwan
Is an Educationist, Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Show Host and a Blogger. A hospitality professional with a career spanning over two decades. She is the Founder of Indian Women in Hospitality (IWH). She is married to Master Mariner Capt. Rajesh Todiwan and her two sons complete her family. She writes regularly for hospitality journals and columns in the local newspapers. Being a sailor queen, she loves to write on shipping industry as well as the lives and relationships of the fraternity. She expresses her thoughts in her blog The IWH.

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