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15 Simple French Words Being Sailor You Should Know

Let’s read about 15 simple French words that are easy to learn and will help you a lot in your day today life. These words are very common, so might prove very handy. Considering the fact that French is among the popular spoken languages and sailor being blessed with future of roaming all around the world, this article is written. Earlier we covered some simple Spanish words as well.

Wherever it was needed, we have given sentence also where you can use them. So let’s read this awesome stuff.

Simple French Words for You

1) Le Café
French word for ‘Coffee’. You can see it being used everywhere, everywhere you are not in France.
2)   Salut Used for saying ‘Hello or Bye’.
3)   Bienvenue We ‘Bienvenue’, you to our house. Means welcome.
4)   La Salutation Used in place of English word ‘Greetings’.
5)   La Pomme Used for the fruit ‘Apple’.
6)    Doux Sweet is the meaning of this word in french.
French, simple french words
7)   La réponse The meaning of this word is ‘answer’.
8)   Récemment Recently. Récemment we concluded the sailing from Africa to Europe.
9)   Répliquer Meaning is ‘To Reply’. Répliquer is used when you are replying to someone.
10)                       Papoter To Chat. Can be used for any type of chat like casual talking and etc.
11)                       Se plaindre Use this French word for ‘To Complain’.
12)                       Contre I am contre to the testing of medicines on the animals. Means I am ‘against’.
13)                       Parler Sounds something like Parlor of ladies, but it is not. Parler meaning is ‘To Speak’.
14)                      Oui Used for the word ‘yes’.

15)                       Non When you have to say no, use ‘non’.

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16)                       Merci No this is not English merci, but the French one. Well the meaning is ‘thank you’.
17)                       Arréter Means ‘to stop’. Somewhere similar to arrest in English.
18)                       sévère Now days the international rules and regulations regarding the marine pollutions are ‘sévère’. Means strict.
19)                       S`il te plait Used for saying ‘Please’. Pretty long isn’t. But those who speak it, is quite easy for them.
20)                       Laisser To let. Used for something you let go.
The important is here
21)                      Je t’aime Means the three golden words ‘I Love You’. It is always impressive to say these words in different language.
So this was all from this article on 15 Simple French Words Being Sailor you Should Know. Hope you liked it. If something to be added, comment below.
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