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Shipping Companies Pushing Seafarers to Sign Contract Extension

We are aware about the whole NO crew change happening in the world and subsequent petition and discussion for bringing them back. While some countries have started crew change in their home ports, but mostly it is not that easy as companies say. So what to do? Top ship managing companies are pushing seafarers to sign contract extensions! SEAFARERS on their ships have been asked to sign extensions for more than 3 months!! Well for how long? Most of the seafarers who are stranded at sea have already completed their contracts well above the extension dates also! There is a strong debate that governments and ship managers have forgotten the seafarers. Though they move the most cargo around the world, but still their identity as key workers has not been understood by any setup. Though IMO had setup the protocol for crew change, but that does not seems to be working as crew change worldwide is still not happening.
We believe the plan should have been made in the very beginning stages of lockdown. Crew change is not an issue till the time you have solid plan for doing so, it is just they don’t want to work hard so much-said by a senior master (Anonymous). Though some companies are paying their seafarers more than their actual salaries for contract extensions, but that’s not what everyone wants being at sea for more than 9 or 12 months.
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