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Marine Electrical, Electronics, Control Devices and Circuit Discussions

page is dedicated for discussing and answering of problem related to marine
electrical, electronics and controls devices and circuits, their trouble shooting.
Also, the theory related to them which are essential for the electrical officer
and marine engineer officer on ship. Also, students who are appearing for their
exam will find this page quite useful. So, post any question you have, let the
visitors of this site to answer them.

transport vessels and stationary setup in sea water have huge electrical network.
Power requirement out there at sea, is same as on land. Plus, the devices, and circuits
that are used onboard are designed to withstand rough conditions. Since
people out there don’t have quick assistance as they would have on land,
engineer out there need to have knowledge of electrical machineries.
Power onboard
is generated by using the electrical generators, either by using IC engine or gas
and steam turbines.
Marine Electrical Devices, Marine Electronics Devices, Marine Control Devices
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here about marine electrical devices, their troubleshooting, systems, books,
jobs etc and also share your experience related to marine electrical problems
and how you carried out the troubleshooting and maintenance for it.

1)    How induction motor starts?
2)    Why transformer is used onboard,
why cooling is provided, Losses in transformer, what is copper loss?
3)    What are the Faults on DC motor
4)    What safety arrangements are
provided for very high voltage ships with electrical propulsion?
5)    generator paralleling manual
and using governor knobs?
6)    Lead acid battery routine maintenance
7)    ACB safeties and then safeties
between ACB and generator.
8)    How to use megger and
9)    Reverse power trip and working
of under frequency trip
10) Emergency switch board and what
equipments supplied from it?
11) What is capacitor, inductor and
resistor? Give there phase angle? Where used give examples? How fan rotate?
12) What is difference between
overlaod trip and fuse explain in details?
13) What is difference between
stator switch and fuse? Why there is high starting torque during starting? What
is the formula for it? What is slip?
14) Two generators in parallel,
load not coming? What could be the reason?
15) Generator paralleling
procedure, why freq of incoming gen is kept higher
16) Lead acid battery working with
17) Emergency generator regulations
with its testing.
18) Synchroscope working and other
methods to synchronize
19) Earth fault testing and motor

20) Reverse power trip just
overview and Air gap significance in motors and generators
discuss all of them, it is better to post questions related to them and also
share your experience related to electrical circuits out there.
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  1. 1) Remote alarm sounding and remote control like from your cabin.
    2) A mimic panel of alarm on the bridge.
    3) Some time difference of 3 minutes for attending it. if not attended will lead general alarm.

  2. Great Initiative mate . It may help people who wants to grow their career in marine electrical industry.
    I have question regarding marine electrical registrations.
    I have some friends who are NZ registered marine electrician. If they want to work globally or overseas, which type of authorizations they need to have ?


  3. Marine Electronics and communications provides comprehensive coverage of the latest technology and trends affecting the global shipping industry. Thanks for the informative post.

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