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Why Sailor Wife is Called as ‘Queen’: Read This

A Queen is no ordinary woman. She is a symbol of strength, love, patience, responsibility, beauty, happiness and honesty. She is the one to whom all other woman look up to. A Queen represents confidence and unconditional dedication towards her task. 

It is not at all easy to hold the position of a Queen in real world. In fairy tales, a common girl becomes the Queen only after she finds her Prince Charming, her one true love!! A common girl with courage, passion, open mindedness, learning drive and honesty can smoothly sail in her realm as a Queen.

Why Sailor Wife is Called as ‘Queen’

Oh….. The word sail reminds me of the fact that I have to write about us girls as Sailor’s Queen and not the fairy tale’s ones. But hey, each and every of our story is also no less than a fairy tale… Isn’t it? All the beautiful girls in this World are born princesses. But some of us acquire the status of the Queen. How so? Same as in fairy tales, after we find our prince Charming or shall I say, King Charming, travelling throughout the world on his ship (white horse).

A sailor’s Queen is that special woman who decides in her heart and mind to marry a sailor and hold his hands through smooth seas and rough weather. This woman is special because of all the above said qualities that she possesses. Read These interesting stories of sailors and queens.

She has unconditional love in her heart for her man and his family that even distance cannot dim. This is the best form of support a partner can ever give to another being miles apart from each other. The sailor at sea works peacefully knowing that the Queen will be able to handle things at his home front.

She waits for her man patiently while doing all her daily chores with all the responsibility brilliantly with only one motivation: One day less and then we will be together. She doesn’t neglect her duties just for the reason that her prime support is not with her. Rather she is full of strength to make him and his decision to marry her proud. Read: Things you should consider if you are planning to marry a sailor

Sometimes celebrating first birthdays, anniversaries or festivals alone without him is what she has to take in her stride. But that test too she passes with flying colors in front of everybody no matter how much lonely she is feeling from inside. Just ask the pillow for the hidden truth!!Queen

Even when she decides to sail with him, she is always dutiful to take care of him and give him her immense support and care. This woman has no demands. All she needs is love from her man. Adapting to a whole new environment of ship and sacrificing careers, family, friends, and luxuries is not easy for any girl when she knows that all she has got is him to talk to.

She makes him feel proud by beautifully adapting to the situation, rather decorating his boring life on ship with her smiles and her touch. Not only she makes a home for him on ship but sometimes while doing the regular duties of a wife in the kitchen, she also manages to make his fellow crew members feel at home. With her charm she creates and spreads happiness on board.

Being a sailor’s queen is a privilege and honor only special girls chose to commit. She is confident, patient, independent, adaptive, loving and a strong personality. She enters a life knowing all the risks and she fulfills all her responsibilities with full dedication without complain. Her only complain being that she wants to be with her man as soon as possible for which she fights every single day and night.

A big salute to these lovely women who makes the lonely life of sailors worth celebrating by just being there!!


Dr Vinita Vashist
Being married to a sailor, loves to write and share the thoughts and experiences on behalf of all the queens. Some day would love to have my passport full of stamps from around the world. In my free time i enjoy music and experimenting in the kitchen. Being a Professional Maritime Blogger, I enjoy writing every bit of it.

17 Replies to “Why Sailor Wife is Called as ‘Queen’: Read This

  1. Facing the vast ocean it takes only a strong woman to endure!wishing all seamen queens a happy home..capt Ola

  2. Thank you madam for understanding sailors heart and I m appreciate for you told about sailors life

  3. Ook ik ben een zeemansvrouw, mijn prins was een matroos die opklom tot captain. Veertig jaar was hij op zee en ik heb hem door dik en dun gesteund met liefde. Helaas is hij vorig jaar, na veertien jaar genoten te hebben van zijn welverdiend pensioen, overleden. Ik leef voort op de herinneringen van een vijftig jarig huwelijk met de prins van mijn dromen. Ik zou het zo weer overdoen, ondanks de eenzame maanden alleen thuis, maar ook door de heerlijke zeereizen die ik met hem mocht meemaken. Ik ben een zeemansvrouw en ben er trots op!

    1. Thanks for commenting Marijke


      I’m also a sailor wife, my prince was a sailor who rose to captain. Forty years he was at sea, and I supported him through thick and thin with love. Unfortunately he enjoyed last year, after fourteen years to have his well-deserved retirement, deceased. I live upon the memories of a fifty-year marriage to the Prince of my dreams. I would do it again, despite the lonely months at home alone, but also by the great voyages that I might experience with him. I am a sailor woman and am proud!

  4. Vinita I have read all your blogs .And I have to say although I am no reader I loved each and every story of yours and brought interest in me. Your stay onboard and cheering ur hubby and everyone onboard is very thoughtful and very courageous for a woman to do. I’ ll be joining a marine course soon and reading your experience and stories has really cleared all my doubts and made me positive . I often thought and tld mariners were meant to be alone but reading ur stories cleared the air. Thanks a lot for such stories. And I hope u continue posting many in the future because are an excellent writer ….As a suggestion it be would be great if u do video logs on youtube and start a YouTube channel….All the best and keep the good work going. .

  5. Hello Denzil

    I am honored with such compliments and the fact that my writings can bring a change into someone’s life. I am glad that you read every one of them with so much attention and love them. I will surely think on those suggestions. Keep reading.


  6. Hiii all your blogs are too motivational for me . As i am in a relationship with a sailor man he s my real prince loves me alot nd yess there is one thing dat sailors queen only fights 4 being together with her man as m facing the situation. After reading your stories i get motivation nd wanna feel proud to become a sailors wife i really wanna feel dat moment . I wish nd pray 2 god dat day ll come soon . Thanks 2 all bloggers .

  7. i really enjoy your sweet word.as a young man who is planning to be a sailor i really need some one to guide me on how to be a successful sailor. thanks once more

  8. I’m reading about the sailors’ queens and I couldn’t agree more… but what about us the queens of the sea? Our life is even harder because many times our prince charming cannot live on shore without us by his side… we are also a very interesting issue for your next article.
    Capt. Marilyn

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